1. What’s the deal with Nikon’s supply chain? I love my Z9 but had to wait way too long for it. Been on the z400mm f2.8 waiting list forever it seems. I suspect that the Z8 will have the same issues with fulfillment. Canon and Sony don’t seem to have the same issues on every new product release.

  2. My spouse has a Cricut so I use that, because I can use the milwaukee fonts&colors and the vinyl stay on extremely well, if you want I can make them for anyone who wants them and mail them to you and just cash app me some cash for the time and material.

  3. That sucks, sorry to hear this. I travel a lot (spent 20 years living and working in 17 countries) and 4 things that never leave my person in public are 1) passport 2) wallet 3) camera bag and 4) laptop…which is usually in my camera bag.

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