1. I'm a huge Max fan, but I do slightly worry for short-term popularity of F1 if Red Bull build a truly dominant car.

  2. Max has a chance of equalling Schumacher's 13 wins from 18 in a car that isn't clearly the fastest this year, let alone one of the best cars of all time (the F2004).

  3. The gentle giant, glad to see he'll be carrying on as a coach!

  4. If Russo pitched the idea of Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, HHH and HBK forming a stable, that's a pretty big feather in his cap. Brian Christopher would've been a great fit, too, as a mouthy dude who could get his butt kicked every week.

  5. Walk the walk, talk the talk…Kage. The first guy whose name I learned when I started watching this year, and how I remembered it. Putting names to faces is my constant challenge as they are so unfamiliar. I’ve really been enjoying it and my wife does as well, much to her surprise.

  6. Thank goodness his older brother Wakatakamoto isn't also in the top division alongside Wakamotoharu; things would really get the tongue twisting!

  7. Are they both his brothers or just Wakatakamotu? I crank the commentary up for the vibe, but I don’t speak Japanese. I know nothing…

  8. An aside, but between growing up under his super strict father, and training at Takanohana-beya with violent clowns Takanoiwa and the twins, its a miracle Takakeisho has turned out as well as he has.

  9. Murray Johnson might be my favourite sports commentator, let alone just in sumo.

  10. I've noticed that he never has interviews with wrestlers even thought he resides near them, I mean sumostew was able to interview konishiki for one of her videos. So what stopping him from interview guys like Kakuryu who are retired or Shohozan who just recently retired and is able to be on social media once again. I mean there are so many opportunities for content but he doesn't seem to take them. Instead he shows shots of footage (which are high quality) and his own narration of info that has no links to prove what he says.

  11. From what I understand, its very very difficult to get on-the-record interviews with people inside sumo (as Kakuryu still is, for example) unless you're an established media presence. And even then, official interviews are limited to salaried rikishi and presumably coaches only.

  12. Ohhhh okay I understand now. Do you think it's easier now because there is Sumo Prime time? Hiro Morita seems to be good and is enjoying making content for the channel and it belongs to the Japan Sumo Association. So could interviews be easier to come by?

  13. I guess my worry is that the Sumo Association tell stables "Sumo Prime Time is our official English language outlet, so you're only allowed to talk to Hiro and NHK sumo, nobody else", and other potential interviewers get shut out for good.

  14. Its unlikely, but Leclerc is a good enough driver, in quick enough car that you still can't rule him out.

  15. "Wow, that's super impressive, especially on a track like Monaco. Who was in 2nd place, oh its Trul..."

  16. I wouldn't want to speculate on someone's afflictions, but Takamisakari is one of the few rikishi I'd class as "eccentric". He would have very lively warmups, and was more prone to showing emotion that most other wrestlers.

  17. It worked, and he's a great character for sure. I always enjoy seeing him as a ringside judge, where he still sometimes reacts with funny faces and wild expressions!

  18. He's also the only guy to appear on the list twice with cars that weren't clearly the best, too. Schumacher's 94 Benetton and Max's 2021 Red Bull were about even keel with their main rival car, and Max doesn't even have the quickest car this year!

  19. Glad Hiro has an eye on producing videos for fans looking for more in-depth material.

  20. Most of these would've been fun as hell in 97 or 98 on Shotgun. Say what you will about him, but Russo was absolutely the right guy for that era.

  21. I feel like I need to watch this match now

  22. How bad is it exactly? What gets it that superlatively awful score, besides Meltz being in a mood that day?

  23. Four immobile guys who can barely do a thing, barely doing things for 10 minutes. Cagematch has it ranked as one of the 10 worst matches of all time, funnily enough they think its slightly better than the main event from the same show!

  24. Does anyone know if he will be doing play-by-play announcing on this channel? Or what kind of content will it have?

  25. I guess we'll find out tomorrow, but I presume it'll be along the lines of the NHK basho previews Hiro appears on. Discussing the previous tournament, maybe a feature on a rikishi, visiting a stable to watch training, etc.

  26. Thanks for the info. That'll be great, and I can't wait to see his videos. But I'll sure miss his play-by-play commentary. No one's as entertaining as Hiro! I wonder if NHK will bring on another commentator to fill his place.

  27. According to InsideSports, he'll still be free to appear as a commentator, and on the other NHK sumo shows. He left as a contracted employee, but he'll still be freelancing for them, which I'm super glad of!

  28. Max "doing a Max" (laughing then instantly looking at somebody else to see if they're laughing, too) when he saw his spin in the podium room was so great.

  29. I'm calling this to be another myth. Too many rikishi die of organ cancer and organ failure in their 50s and 60s to be considered to have "healthy organs".

  30. Wow, this is awesome news. Big fan of Hiro's brand of commentary, hopefully this can fill the void of "English language interviews with people in Sumo".

  31. He's also snagged himself Keita Kawazoe, a very highly rated University sumo wrestler, who will start his career at Makushita 15. Hakuko/Miyagino could match Kotooshu and Goeido and have his very own salaried recruit before the year is out!

  32. Unless they really couldn't get any larger venue, this seems like "playing it safe" almost to the point of parody. They surely could've easily doubled or tripled the 7500 capacity.

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