1. That’s not Micheal Cera. That’s Jesse Eisenberg. Lol

  2. You may need to buy better beef, it should not smell any different than a steak

  3. I’m assuming this is sarcasm because if you’ve never had pizza for breakfast you’re missing out. I like throwing a fried egg on leftover pizza in the morning.

  4. I know, I hold a CDL with hazmat and tanker endorsements. He should have reduced his speed when he felt the truck starting to sway. I can say from experience that you feel that sway well before it gets that bad.

  5. Fortunately I didn’t have to pinch any today 🙏

  6. Those are the days you say something pretentious like “it was a good day spent in contemplation.”

  7. They didn’t charge her for crying, it was an assessment. They charged her for asking if she was alright.

  8. If you’re talking about the wood at the base of the pins it looks to me like they drilled through the finish with a standard bit. Had they drilled and sanded before finishing you wouldn’t get that. Did they change the pegs at some point and drilled it out to a larger size?

  9. That was 25 years ago, now it just makes me uncomfortable and I’d rather do something for someone else than let someone do something for me.

  10. Yeah but if they feel the same way about gifts then you’re both caught in a vicious cycle. They might hate receiving gifts too

  11. Possibly, but if I leave a gift card at checkout or the drive thru window I don’t have to be around for them to know who did it.

  12. Don’t always trust the range maps, we found one in our house in northern Michigan after getting a new couch delivered.

  13. I’m a man and won’t even go shirtless in public, I think it’s gross and unnecessary.

  14. From my hometown. First good beer I ever had on tap. Always happy to pick up a sixer now I'm a state away.

  15. You have good ideas in being inquisitive about correct string winding, but you could shortcut your concerns about wrapping by learning

  16. Both string breaks I had were right at the post even without the string crossing itself. I smoothed out the nut when I did the first restring and use nut butter to keep it lubed. There may be tool marks on the posts that I’ll look at smoothing out next restring.

  17. Try some pencil lead in the nut grooves.

  18. I switched from using graphite on all my guitars to big bends nut sauce, I’ve been using it here too. All the breaks have been right at the tuning post, so now I’m just experimenting.

  19. I'm not exactly packing, but it do make me feel a bit conscious when you're going in from behind and you might have less to use because there's extra cushion taking away your length.

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