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  1. Imagine being so insecure you have to post about someone tbagging you in a video game 😂

  2. You'd save a woman's life these days with CPR and she'd probably try have you arrested or sued for SA if you're ugly

  3. Same happened to me I got offensive name, offensive text chat and offensive voice chat just because we were beating a team on search , zero way to appeal it and no reply from support

  4. Same thing happened to me no way to appeal it either , if people are losing in search they just spam report , on a 3 day voice chat ban for absolutely nothing

  5. Says the guy that’s posted about him multiple times, sorry you are obsessed buddy you’ll grow up soon

  6. Keep on digging buddy, you'll end up in hell one day.

  7. App works perfect for me dude. Why are your opinon's such low effort negative s***?

  8. It's a broken janky piece of shit that barely works properly, it's people like you are the reason they won't fix it , something barely works to the bare minimum and you praise it fucking hell get your head checked beta cuck

  9. I am all for representation in videogames but even if all four characters were white men it doesn't make it inherently bad or racist. It matters how the writers treat the poc in the story and make them more than just plot devices.

  10. This isn't the activism you think it is. I'd understand asking for some of the other Batfamily members of color to be in the game, because A. I love those characters and want to see them in it too B. I think representation is very important. Calling out this game for being racist on the four main characters alone is empty words. It's akin to white people using their privilege to flip off police and then proceeding to feed into systems that punishes disenfranchised. Lastly Dick Grayson is Romani, Barbara is a woman recovering from being paralyzed waist down, Tim is bi, and Jason is the only one who comes from poverty, I'm sorry that you can't see yourself in any of them but you can't say there isn't representation.

  11. They're all white as chalk it would make way more sense and be more inclusive and diverse if they were all black

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