1. (Android live version) My game data seems to have wiped overnight 7/6/22. If I have a backup it's probably months old and I can't figure out how to recover it or my current data. I was playing a little bit almost daily for over a year, and just had a few wrinkler upgrades left I think.... I tried closing the app, shutting down my phone, and starting it back up, but no change. No error message, it just acts like I've never played it. Is there anything I can do at this point?

  2. go into the google play store and update cookie clicker and try again, if you still don't see, then go in the options and try toggling between live and alpha.

  3. I tried this, but my progress is only correct in the alpha version, and it's still acting like it's never been played in live version. It looks like it only allows me to import from live into alpha though - not the other way around. I was pretty sure I was playing in live a couple days ago though. Is there any way to get my progress back on live? Or just import my alpha data TO live?

  4. Was the game reset? I only had one more prestige building to go :(

  5. I had just 2-3 ascension bonuses left, but can't find a way to get the progress back without months of regrinding :(

  6. I don't know if it's worse, it's always a cluster of nonsense in FL though.

  7. Well, that seems like a good way to explain to someone that you're going to abuse them during sex and completely disregard it. Also seems like a good way to get someone to never want to sleep with you.

  8. I'm feeling like I'm missing some context... Since a ban (even a temporary) kind of feels excessive for a billboard ad...

  9. "Copyright infringement isn't a big deal, how serious could that be?"

  10. How were they able to determine whose character this is?

  11. It's actually pretty easy to find out what company owns the billboard, so, all they had to do was call them. Legal teams can work pretty quick, so, they would easily get the billboard renter's name, then simply check for the person matching that name on the server mentioned in the billboard, and they've got it.

  12. Honestly I came expecting a joke, but it just looks like fan fic. Kind of feeling let down.... if this is a real ai, is there a link? The internet has previously warned everyone that these are usually all fake.

  13. I'm a crazy person who has held on to every single Materia I've ever obtained, but my retainer is literally full of mostly materia at this point. Is there any reason to hold on to Battle Materia that aren't for the latest expansion? And if not, is trying to transmute them up to higher levels or into crafter/gatherer materia worth bothering with, or should I just sell them?

  14. It doesn't fix the problem entirely, but most materia is useless and you can easily check by using the retainer's sell option, and using the check price option from there. If the materia sells for less than, the same as, or just a little more than the npc vendor sellback price... then just have the retainer vendor sell that materia. If you need it for some reason, you can always buy it back from the market around the same as you sold it for, and an empty inventory slot is worth more than the maybe ~100gil you might lose when you might need it later.

  15. so I take it then that transmuting is not worth the time?

  16. That's a whole different story. You can still sell off the materia as I was saying, and buying it back is more or less lossless in terms of gil. But some people do engage in buying up that incredibly cheap/lossless materia, transmuting it, then selling the newly created materia for profit. I don't do that, myself, but if you get into that game and the server you're on has a big enough gap in the prices of the transmutee and transmuted materia it may be worthwhile. But again - I'm only saying to sell the ones that you can essentially just buy back, for almost exactly what you sold them for(or less), so unless you're going to become a transmuted materia vendor overnight it's just not practical to hang on to that dead weight.

  17. Clearly this guy is an idiot, the face issue isn't a masculine/feminine issue, it's a continuity issue. This is the kind of bs that brings sexist idiots out of the woodwork, and it just eggs pro-feminist artists on, without either side respecting that there IS actually an art issue with this particular game. The main character in Zero Dawn does not have a similar face to the main character in Forbidden West, but the devs state that they are the same person - 6 months later. No, it's not a huge deal, but it's like when they change actors/actresses mid-season on a TV series. But that's the thing - is just not a big deal - the artists should get called out on it appropriately, maybe they boot the artist that messed up her bone structure dimensions or whomever's to blame, then everyone moves on.

  18. Character designs change all the time. You think Lara Croft should have stayed looking exactly the same way in each Tomb Raider game? Even Mario has changed appearance over the years. It's not a big deal.

  19. I literally said in the latter half of my post that it's just not a big deal.... Yeah, my posts are books sometimes, but, that's just because I have time.

  20. You shouldn't have mentor stuff on if you're rusty on the class you're using, but that's just in game etiquette. Pulling fflogs and bashing someone over thier datamined stats is harassment and abuse of 3rd party applications though, so report that shit.

  21. You felt guilty enough to make a topic, but sadly, it will not sate your thirst for forgiveness. If it helps though, I have seen topics on here by sellers who accidentally listed things like that. They usually say something along the lines of: "Damn it, I didn't mean to, but I wish you well and congratulate you on your good fortune. I feel dumb, but still, you're welcome. "

  22. It even counts these as a "win" in every players' achievements, too

  23. They're not a bunch of eggs clustered together if I'm understanding correctly, right? Just a few scattered rust-ish colored sacks?

  24. I've had some problems in the past with this. I was recently leveling SAM and it seemed 4/5 dungeons, when we got to the last fight of it, a ranged DPS would always go in with the LB3 at like 15% and I'm just sitting there like "could you have waited a few seconds?" Truth be told, it's an extremely minor complaint because we still clear as we're going through old content, but I guess it irked me because, as I am usually tanking or healing, I don't get to LB3 often and one of the few times I get to, an RDM decides to use Ver-Flashbang

  25. Yeah, definitely poor etiquette to take melee's LB3 AND burn out everyone's retinas by using it early on RDM, haha - But at the same time, it is pretty rare for RDM to get a chance to use an LB3 within the accepted norms, and I can see some people playing the class specifically for the meme-worthy attack on the party's eyeballs. I would probably only accept it as fair play if it was clear they did better dps than the melee, or if they pulled off a Rez Mage Rez or two in the instance. You know, if they "earned it".

  26. Ahh I had just been swapping weapons then equipping the best gear available with the hotkey in the panel.

  27. Well, if you are (for some reason) using an arcanist book, but you have both scholar and summoner unlocked - the game would not have any way to know which job stone to give you. So it just gives the best arcanist gear it can find.

  28. I'm a little conflicted. This aspect of the game WAS its own little side-thing without any major reward, seemingly deliberately so, to make sure people doing it were doing it "just for fun". So, skipping the cutscenes WAS literally pointless - it was the whole reason to play them - for the campy weird humor of those cutscenes as a break from anything remotely grindy. Now hoards will be giving up the opportunity to save those for that rainy day where they just need a break from the rest of the game - in exchange for another handful of skipped scenes and a shiny glam... Yes, it's thier mistake to make, but it just feels like such a loss - such a waste of all that previous content.

  29. Oh absolutely - I just mean that it's so different from the rest of how this games quests are written that it is a complete change of pace to pursue this questline. If you don't like it, I think it makes more sense that you can just avoid it, and never have to be forced into it.... which is what the relic quest implies it will do.

  30. Bunch of mentor answers in here, wierd. Parsing existed before 3rd party tools guys, come on.

  31. That might be a solution, i just disliked it in other MMOs so far, but gonna give it a try

  32. I had the same issue, and it definitely helped me a lot. Sometimes the trigger buttons still have my index finger cramp up a bit, but if you split up enough actions between L and R hotbar sets it's manageable.

  33. Looks like Maladera formosae, sometimes called a june bug/beetle or may bug, but a lot of bugs use those - so Asiatic Garden Beetle is most accurate. Often these guys show up in droves for a (summer)month or two, then they're gone again

  34. Guy went from "list for gift ideas for all my female friends" to "stalker database of private info on every girl on campus gathered and shared by multiple complicit accomplices" real quick there. Got to admit... it sounds hauntingly similar to how Facebook started though.

  35. Your low-level job gauge, it just lights up if you have tank stance on.

  36. It's useful for knowing when you've oops'd and everyone starts yelling "Tank stance" "stance please" "ahhh tank! Tank stance! (dps dies)" haha

  37. Yeah, unfortunately it's so mangled it's hard to tell which bits are antennae or legs, or even where its abdomen went. So an accurate id is unlikely at this point. But yeah, from the hard shell on those elytrae and what we can make out of the legs: it's some kind beetle, not a cockroach.

  38. Earwig. I believe they can pinch but otherwise I think they’re harmless.

  39. To elaborate: They can pinch, but in most species it's not even enough to pierce the skin - like when someone's annoying little brother pinches you and runs away. And they'll typically try pinching before even remotely considering biting when threatened. So they're extremely non-threatening, like someone's annoying little brother.

  40. This is Scantius aegyptius, the Mediterranean red bug. They are invasive, first reported as such in CA in 2009, and becoming extremely common as of 2018 or so.

  41. Amazing shots! Thanks so much for sharing them! This is one of the only times I could bring myself to upvote an image containing a dead bug in this sub, haha

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