1. I really wanna know what Matt is..his loyalty is giving Leo or Cancer

  2. I feel like he has Taurus energy. Taurus are super proud. Like Taurus sun cancer moon hahaha

  3. I think you meant Nadja is a cancer & chazz is a leo

  4. I accidentally erased it all (??) LOL.... I will have to revisit this later - ahhhh!

  5. Yeah this happens a lot on Xbox anyway. All you have to do is completely power down your Xbox by pressing the power button but holding it down for 15 seconds or so. Usually fixes almost any problem that comes up

  6. Hiiii! Thank you for this, I’ll try it tonight ! 😊 I did try turning it off and on again already but not with the pressing and holding to turn it off.

  7. Lolol shows how long ago I started watching. This is my 3rd year.

  8. there are 8 seasons of love island uk and 3 of aus on Hulu lol.. happy bingeing!

  9. So real talk… do we think maybe Jesse is a virgin? 👀👀 no shade genuinely curious

  10. I think he’s a lil awkward and it’s making me understand him more lol. idk though, I could totally be wrong

  11. I’m impressed by the turnaround on all the post production stuff, so I can’t hate.

  12. You should be able to press up or down on your controls and go to settings. It should allow you to turn them on there 😊

  13. Exactly. Leave her alone y’all. She’s being a firecracker. She’s what this show genuinely needed. She could be USA’s Ekin Su if she tried.

  14. Is Ekin everyone’s UK favorite or something?? Lol I mean she grew on me, but I thought she was doing the most at first.. then I found out she’s a Leo and I was like ahhhh yes… of course lmao

  15. Ohhhhh Bria….. don’t try our girl, Zeta.. I liked Bria up until this convo…. She’s immature. I hate when people walk away and say all their shit instead of saying these things to ppls faces lol

  16. I like zeta but I don’t think she was handling the situation well at all tbh lol but loved the messiness

  17. Valid, but they both handled it bad and Bria started trying to spin it back on Zeta like, huh???

  18. It’s Zeta Island so idk what to tell you or Bria 🤷🏾‍♀️

  19. He issss a manipulator!!! My thoughts exactly. He was laying it on thiccc to guilt trip Paige and try to get her to leave…. All because Adam said something about him, which very well could be true.

  20. Not a fan after her choosing to get back with Isaiah even after he had near-violent reactions. He’s the mentally and emotionally abusive type and she likes that… respect gone

  21. Nah, because Isaiah is trash. He acts like a child and his TikTok’s are cringey

  22. Right?? Some aqua moons tho. We cannot be bothered with it, like look at Charlie and Jay on UK

  23. Yess thank you so much!! This is exactly what I was looking for!

  24. Got you! 🥰 feel free to add on there if you find out anything else lol

  25. Jesse and Deb because I don’t trust Jesse and want to see if he does the same thing again, while potentially setting Deb up lol

  26. I love Zeta. I feel like she’s the Love Island coach. US has tried for 3 seasons to replicate the UK version and now she’s here to make it happen. Talking to Deb about Jesse put that whole confrontation in motion, and she pushes people to go for what they want. Hell she’s making Timmy more likeable. Absolute Queen - please keep her around

  27. She introduced ‘Fanny Flutters’ to Love Island USA. She’s an icon. I need Zeta to stay throughout the whole show

  28. ♒️ F and my ex was a ♐️ M. what seemed to be great chemistry at first, cool friendship but he was immature, unmotivated, reckless, a liar and literally had (at least) two other girlfriends.. and I guarantee he was in love with all of us. Now I’m with an ♈️ and it’s wonderful. Better chemistry, honesty, loyalty and respect from day one. I never question him cause we got trust. Homie, lover and friend vibez.

  29. I have a birthday twin whose chart is exactly the same as mine, except our rising signs are off by one.

  30. Sometimes people are lucky if I text them back in less than a day, other times you can get a solid 2 hrs out of me. Texting is annoying, no matter how much I care/love you

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