1. Boris Johnson will argue today that an inquiry into claims he misled parliament about Downing Street lockdown parties is unlawful and biased.

  2. Unknown to most in Westminster, the CDO is closely affiliated with Conservative Post; it was launched on the back of a series of “bring back Boris” petitions launched by Cruddas and its editor, Claire Bullivant. People wishing to donate to the CDO online are also directed to a page which shows payments going to Post.

  3. The moment of truth has arrived for the former prime minister in the Commons inquiry on lockdown parties, write Caroline Wheeler and Harry Yorke

  4. No one wants immigrants to risk death in the Channel but the honest reason to stop them is cost to the public purse

  5. Peter Murrell, the chief executive of the Scottish National Party who is married to Nicola Sturgeon, has resigned with immediate effect claiming his role in a row over membership numbers had become a distraction to the contest to choose a new first minister to replace his wife.

  6. Labour sees lessons down under on how to eject a tired government but Australia’s election also offers hope for Tories

  7. Tightest two-year squeeze in living standards on record as free childcare extended and cap on pension savings lifted

  8. Jeremy Hunt will use his budget to raise the lifetime allowance for pension savings to a record level to encourage people to keep working.

  9. The new integrated review stops short of demands by Tory MPs to formally designate China as a threat to Britain. Rishi Sunak, the prime minister, described it as the “number one threat” to Britain’s interests during the Tory leadership campaign but has since softened his stance.

  10. Studies show a link between left-wing values and anxiety — something that undoubtedly informs the outlook of Labour

  11. Austria, to which the number of asylum applications in 2022 almost tripled to 108,781, is pushing for the EU to kick out irregular migrants who would not qualify for asylum. “Anyone who has no right to asylum must leave the EU,” Karner said.

  12. Macron will refuse to take back UK’s Channel migrants

  13. Rishi Sunak to meet the French president in Paris in Brexit charm offensive

  14. Before August 1914, AJP Taylor mused, most Englishmen sauntered through life barely noticing the existence of a British state. The exception was popping into the local post office or nodding at a friendly bobby. “He could live where he liked and as he liked, he had no official number or identity card,” wrote the historian. Before the Great War, the state “acted only to help those who could not help themselves” and left law-abiding prosperous citizens to their own destinies. Taylor termed it the “old style”.

  15. Rishi Sunak’s Windsor framework offers a new era for Northern Ireland as a thriving trading zone with unique access to the UK and EU markets. The only grey cloud is whether the province’s politicians will embrace the opportunity. More specifically, will the Democratic Unionist Party — “reasonable people”, says their leader, but perpetual naysayers to everyone else — support the accord.

  16. Success for Sunak or Starmer means having both a clear set of goals and firm control of the government machine

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