1. I have never failed to laugh at Jeremy Sisto being in the Season 17 finale and then becoming one of the main detectives in the Season 18 premiere. It's like some from TPTB realized after filming his first scene: "Crap, syndication exists! They are gonna recognize he's the guy from the previous episode. Better shave that beard!"

  2. It can’t be worse than that time they tried to cover GamerGate. “They leveled up.”

  3. Or that time they made Cybill Shepherd be Paula Deen in an episode that combined Paula and Trayvon stories?

  4. So Spencer's great uncle is trying to get him to flip on his other great uncle while his uncle is all "You do you!"

  5. Well of course you can "hand-picked" Rory, Jordan, you can count all the PCPD officers on one hand.

  6. I'll even take more Spinelli if they have him and Maxie end up together. I mean after all RoHo is only on once a month so it comes work. Then fire Truck Nuts and pair Austin and Brit

  7. 8 years ago, I would have been the conductor of the Reunite Spixie Train, now I'm just a passenger on the At Least It's More Believable Than the Austin train. 😂

  8. https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/ad-supported-disney-subscription-tier-to-launch-december-8-in-the-u-s/

  9. Guess I am finally gonna see what the great Disney Bundle is all about soon then...and when everyone else follows suit, they'll jack that up $5.

  10. This has nothing to do with the plot of this episode but I really like how the flowers on the table perfectly pair with Alexis' jacket.

  11. Why bother when these are networks everyone can get for free OTA?

  12. Just more re-run television that can be had for free through other services like Pluto, Xumo and in some cases as sub-channels with an antenna. Not exactly added value, but what else would you expect from Philo?

  13. It's fantastic for me because out of all the sub-channels they have added the only one that can be seen in my area is MeTV and that's only certain times of the year due to foliage where I live. Now I get 4 channels I never had access to before and 1 that I could only see during certain times of the day in certain times of the year.

  14. Because I can’t see that website without logging in, so I’m not going to bother.

  15. Basically Walmart wants to partner with a streamer to bundle with Walmart+ so it can be more similar to Amazon Prime.

  16. I first noticed that weird green contour during the aftermath of the Peter wedding. I assumed it was just some wedding day makeup but it's been over a year now and it's still there.

  17. Maxie, are you jealous of Spinelli's fake girlfriend?

  18. Yes, Fredo let's blame Ava for Willow's tears. Don't you have a plan to screw up somewhere?

  19. What is it about pubic hair and down there commercials lately? I mean why did every company just suddenly care about something that people have had since the beginning of time?

  20. I noticed they have them now on the Hallmark Channel on Amazon Video.

  21. Yeah they have been adding about 2 a week for the past three weeks now. They even showed them in their monthly "This month on HMNow" for August.

  22. Please help me ..... I'm starting to find Linc attractive.

  23. Britt, letting Maxie pick out your man is like the ultimate sign it's doomed to fail...besides the fact that you have subzero chemistry.

  24. I'm currently listening to the WB. Discovery Earnings call.

  25. Apparently "comfort viewing" according to Lord Zas is:

  26. I am one of them. And I'm the sort of guy who has an account with every service, including Peacock.

  27. As I have no access to my local NBC, I kind of have to have Peacock because all their fall lineup is going to be exclusively there and no longer on Hulu, but I pretty much just use it for all the sports.

  28. Nothing says comfort like people's gross feet, watching fat people get fatter, people flipping houses to ruin the US affordable housing market and people marrying people just so they can live in this country.

  29. How is the stability for the Discovery+ app compared to HBO Max??

  30. I had to sub to Discovery+ through Amazon Channels because it was so damn slow to search for anything on there. All shows were listed under their channels unless it was an original, then it had it's own section. This was like a year ago, so maybe they improved it since then. It works faster and easier for me as an Amazon Channel because I use Fire Sticks exclusively. They also have "live channels" that are 24 hour streams of their popular Discovery shows. Basically it was like...

  31. I never finished Run, kept putting it off. Guess I will look some where else for it now...or not because I really wasn't even into it. Probably will watch Mrs. Fletcher somewhere else as well.

  32. So is TJ the only doctor on call this week? I know Britt and Terry we're talking to Willow but TJ has been like the only one seeing incoming patients lately.

  33. I kept hoping she would say "It's Sasha, bitch!"

  34. Jokes on them. I don't watch these asshats on my Discovery+ subscription and I won't watch them on HBO Max either.

  35. what happened exactly ? I don’t remember. Did she see Spencer ?

  36. Enjoy! Basically Jordan talked to Trina about the exact thing Spencer said he talked to her about.

  37. I guess tomorrow we discover that Donna has finally recovered from her fall.

  38. I think Disney owns 2/3 of Hulu now and will own all by 2024.

  39. None of NBC's fall lineup this fall will be on Hulu next day, only Peacock, so Comcast is definitely getting ready to go.

  40. The lost me at McKinsey. Nothing good has ever come from anyone who has ever worked at that firm. They once had to pay out $600 million because they helped promote Oxycontin.

  41. If TC was still Nikolas, I would suggest this because it is my fave GH screenshot of all time.

  42. He’s a great actor who brings a sexy creepy edge to his work. Maybe Adam recast?

  43. I haven't watched Y&R in a hot minute, but my first thought was recast Adam as they are keeping everything so hush-hush.

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