1. When I saw Clare Bowen in Sand Dollar Cove last year, I immediately thought "There's someone fresh I'd like to see in a Hallmark movie." and then they gave her this. She and poor Brant deserve better.

  2. I’d probably go with S2E16 up until S2E22 of The West Wing (“Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail” up to “Two Cathedrals”).

  3. Was rewatching this yesterday on HLN and immediately thought how that set of episodes might be my favorite stretch in all the tv shows I have watched.

  4. But why hasn’t he released his secret plan to fight inflation?!

  5. The 24 PhDs and the council of economic advisors are still working on it 22 years later.

  6. FYI: Tomorrow's repeat is last year's Thanksgiving with Sam and Dante going to the Qs.

  7. I was actually upset we didn't get to see it again at the very end. Instead they just teased us.

  8. I was pretty disappointed that they gave us an epilogue because otherwise it would've been PERFECT for a sequel. Do you think even with the epilogue there's still enough story for a sequel? I'd love the see the three of them together again but I don't personally know what a worthwhile story might be so far.

  9. They could easily pick up at that Christmas and flashback to the lead up of it and it could be about one or (hey it's Hallmark) all the brothers secretly planning a surprise Christmas engagement. Maybe one of the ladies (or mom) suspects and they try to find out who the fiancee will be and surprise it's all of them!

  10. I wish I could FF to tomorrow for these Liesel/Britta scenes.

  11. The actress who plays Blaze was on GH before. Two episodes as "Babysitter."

  12. I'll go out on a limb and say it was one of Carly's nannies because ever since Leticia they all looked the exact same way.

  13. FilmRise has to have one the of the worst apps I have ever used

  14. The worst part is they have like TEN different apps.

  15. It's not Thanksgiving to me until CJ finds Eric and Troy in her office.

  16. Sadly, I have finally found the first Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving episode I won't do a rewatch of on Thanksgiving.

  17. I hope Bob put the turkey in before they left because at the rate Linda is going, it'll be done by Black Friday.

  18. I like Marcus but this temp recast has confirmed for me that another actor can do better with the character.

  19. He actually looks a ton like the second Stavros (Robert Kelker Kelly).

  20. I am bothered by hoagies turning up in new york. Who is Sal? Is this new PC restaurant?

  21. I assumed it was some place Dante loved back in Bensonhurst but yeah they could have done a better job explaining why that sandwich was so important to him.

  22. Wonder where they drank before making the Rovers their local

  23. So Sam and Lydia are going to let a teenage boy tell them what they can and cannot do?

  24. Poor Aadi. Not only does he have to deal with his fiancee leaving him, but she left him to go travel through space and time just so she wouldn't have to see him again.

  25. My girl Kelly has risen above the cobbles now!

  26. James goes to school now? I feel like if we ever see him again he'll be Leo's age.

  27. We haven't seen him in so long, I actually forgot how old he was. I guess he is supposed to be 4 (as he was born on the show in May 2018).

  28. Obviously Scott Baio, Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson will have some role even if its just made up on the spot.

  29. The mom the second movie (A Magical Christmas Village) was Marlo Thomas. You could have seen her in anything from That Girl, Friends or even St. Jude's commercials.

  30. I called it being Holly dressed up as Anna "shooting" Lucy. It explains why Lucy asked "What are you doing here?" because if it had been Holly's face she saw her reaction would have been 100% different.

  31. Laura and Liz are competing for Super Sleuth of the Day today.

  32. Unfortunately for you, Esme, Jeff woke up Bad Liz and fingers crossed she's here to stay.

  33. I didn't how the movies would only be available for a few days. That's a shame, I guess I'll have to pay attention to air date. Thanks!

  34. I will say that it seems like they are slowly putting the first ones of the new season back on the platform because "Christmas Bedtime Stories" and "A Cozy Inn Christmas" are on there and they just aired a couple of weeks ago.

  35. She keeps digging that grave any deeper she's gonna be in hell sooner than she thought.

  36. She is blaming the media when she is the one who emphasized "Traditional marriage." If she said "I want to do more faith-based programming" that is what we would focus on. But she is the one who said "Traditional Marriage" and opened up her Pandora's box of toxicity. She is not just an actress but also an executive. She wants people to see her as a role model.

  37. My favorite part is her defenders saying "Well she just said the network will be focused on traditional marriage. She didn't say that's the only marriage she believes in." I mean they clearly missed the memo that she is the Chief Creative Officer of said network which means she is charge of programming and acquisitions, so yes, they are also her words.

  38. Yep, it's not Christmas to me unless I hear that song.

  39. I wonder what would happen if a Wamp spent one night out in the winter cold with few resources?

  40. They would say it wasn't really that cold and if an animal.can live in it, so can a human.

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