1. Sure. That would be great since it looks like there's so much to tell in the MV but it's limited by the length of the song.

  2. I'm honored that you've watched my channel. I do hope to do a full version at some point once the full song is released. Also, thank you

  3. Dark Tiga is a basically a successful Belial who smoked his whole species if you think about it deelply

  4. And he changed because he meet a priestess...

  5. I would like to know if this suit is a retool or remade.

  6. They could as a ending theme. But tsuburaya is partner with Lantis (a lot of anime related music artists; also owned by bandai) while yoasobi is with Sony music entertainment

  7. Oh I actually didn't know that. But I guess if they tried hard enough it can happen eventually. Just not as soon tho.

  8. Is that the GUTS Sparklence from Ultraman Trigger(was that it's name)?

  9. Yes that is the GUTS Spark Lens from Ultraman Trigger. Smile Smile

  10. It's funny seeing the ways Bandai goes out of their way to make the SG versions worse than the DX's for the trinkets that are already super simplistic, such as Astro Switches and Fullbottles.

  11. After reading this, I just noticed, why are most event items ( like Christmas Progrise Key and Ridewatch) are not DX?

  12. It's not my cup of tea, but far be it from me to stop others who enjoy it. Just as long as it isn't real minors.

  13. This statement can't be more true

  14. Tags : Indecent Exposure, Exhibitionism

  15. Domon Kashuu ( G Gundam) as Regulos Kaito ( Kaito Kid) as Ginga Yugi ( Yugioh) as Orb Nagatoro as Karmilla ( kinda obvious as to why)

  16. Im not sure what the meme is, but the editing is on point and the music bops

  17. Imagine, a Tsuburaya employee sees this and says " Yeah this looks good enough for Dynus /Dynas"

  18. I know I'm gonna get attacked after this but I really gotta ask

  19. I would normally agree but this gimmick and execution is just so cool I need to throw all my money at it like I did with Gaim's gimmick line. Although I only bought the main 4 riders, shin zangetsu and kachidoki arms, I cannot pass on this interchangeability between forms man.

  20. Hey I can respect that. I'm a person who doesn't mind gimmicks in toys. But yeah, I'm a guy who prioritizes scale in my collection.

  21. Hell ye dude if it's fun, that's all that matters.

  22. I dig the simplistic look (less is more) but I kinda wished it's not blue considering that colour is used for miracle type. Maybe it could be gold/purple/black idk.

  23. My only gripe is that the feet could have been left silver because the black kinda clashes

  24. Maybe he stole Evil Trigger's boots

  25. I legit thought I was dreaming and rewind that scene in the trailer over and over

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