1. I don't doubt it, the Meteor Belt is basically a mini disco ball and that alone makes it funny yet very badass

  2. Browser version, you can add more to your flair. Up to 5 and the changes will update the mobile version as well.

  3. Ah I see, I'll try that. Thanks

  4. On one hand, this is going to be terrible in a lot of ways. On the other hand... free trailer dialogue and hentai voice line

  5. Hey understandable, not everyone likes a series but the toys can be fun. Well another fun driver is the seiken swordriver if you're into swords I guess ( more playability with just the driver and the WRB compared to 01 driver and the 1 progrise key it comes with)

  6. I dunno i havent watched saber yet. And i kinda dislike the thought of every rider using swords xD

  7. Yeah you can say that again. Earlier yesterday I went to HobbyLinkJapan and most of the stuff were either back ordered or discontinued.

  8. Before Miorine released, I never understood why FRS Suletta came with grabby/ holding hands. Like what was there do grab/ hold?

  9. Yeah that happened to me too. I had to go look up a 7 year old tutorial just because I can't speak Japanese.

  10. How to download is my question now

  11. *starts playing the "Kenzaki says Tachibana-san compilation" video *

  12. 9/10 one of the few older Gundam series I actually enjoyed

  13. I love that Trigger here is a more useful senpai to Decker than how Tiga is to Dyna ( even though I know the reason why Daigo can't help Dyna)

  14. Drink 123123 Drink 123123 Drink

  15. I think that has to do with them not being able to talk. If we look back on Ace's cameo in Z and to an extend every other cameo, it felt really well done because they were given a voice and communicate with the series main Ultra.

  16. Can't blame him, I would do that too if I had the chance

  17. If I had a nickle for everytime Kiwami became a final form, I would now have 3 nickles now. The fact it's also from each of the big 3 of Tokusatsu.

  18. My head canon is this could be before Movie Battle Royale happen

  19. Look at his eyes man. Those are the eyes of a man that will never let depression get the best of anyone

  20. And this is why I say Nexus/Noa is overrated. This is like religion levels of praising someone.

  21. i mean... is this before or after gaim ascends to godhood?

  22. We take these 2 to their absolute highest peak of abilities and power sets

  23. I guess that's fair. Now I'm left wondering what Riders can stand a a chance against Xross Saber ( aside from the obvious Oma Zi-O I guess)

  24. What do you rank in design? mine is (Best to worst) Z DRC, Ginga Victory, Decker Dynamic, Xceed X, Z Deathcium RC, Trigger Truth, GTE, Tri Strium, Orb Origin, Victory Knight, Ginga Strium, Geed Ultimate Final, Reiga, Ruebe, Geed RMM, Orb Trinity, Groob, and X Beta Spark Armor

  25. Sorry for the late reply but I rank these based on design + how they debut + how they perform during the debut + the music used during their debut

  26. This is me with the Figure Rise Standard Ultraman Tiga Sky Type and the 30 Minutes Missions Lirinel... I have BIG hands and it was a terrifying experience

  27. Tell us you don't want a new Ultraman series after Blazar without telling us you don't want a new Ultraman series after Blazar

  28. Do you think should ultraman take hiatus for some year?tsuburaya seem run out idea for making new ultraman series because theres 3 ultraman who use fusion(orb,ginga,& z)also trigger and decker basically just reboot of tiga and dyna.

  29. Ah the classic "running out of ideas" and "fusion gimmicks ". Like someone before me said, by that logic this already happened when Jack was aired. Also, if you wanna say 3 Ultraman using the fusion gimmick is repetitive then by that logic as well, Tiga, Dyna and Cosmos can be considered repetitive too as those reuse the form changing trope

  30. Dear Kamen Rider Wizard, how do you eat donuts with a helmet on?

  31. Crack theory... With the help of the Connect ring

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