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  1. I saw it with that cast and it’s just so so great to have this album. The first show I’ve seen that also has an “original” cast album. 😍 Pippa is amazing. She has such a maturity in her voice as Cinderella that I feel like we missed out on in Hamilton (just a different vibe). And julia Lester is a star

  2. I think Bailey Hanks was actually a great Elle and I wish the show wouldn’t have closed so soon after she joined the cast.

  3. Idk if this is controversial but shrek and spongebob are unironically top tier musicals

  4. Shrek is god level. I would pick Shrek over 98% of musicals LOL

  5. Totally agree. These last two seasons have shown how amazing she is. I know I know it’s tv. But sometimes you can just tell a person is special. And broken. And just in such deep need of someone to hug the broken child inside them that never felt like they were enough. I hope she finds peace healing and authenticity.

  6. Following because this is an interesting topic. I personally think the reality is that there’s no trigger warnings in the actual field and training students that way would be a disservice. But I 100% get what you’re saying and have wondered

  7. I've been wondering about that. Are activities suspended at Cardozo also?

  8. No they’re not. Cardozo is unaffected by this. They have pride flags on all their windows as well

  9. Lele Pons. I didn’t realize how famous she was post vine! Good for her lol

  10. She’s wearing yzy gap like everyone else relax lmao

  11. Throw a towel or cloth over him and then carefully scoop him up like a burrito, then put in a cardboard box and take over to the Wild Bird Fund - I’ve done this a few times now and it’s surprisingly easy. And once you’ve carried a bird in a box all the way uptown you stop seeing them as flying rats….Pigeons are actually very smart and they’re TRUE New Yorkers just like rats so you haters can suck it

  12. I love the pigeons so much thank you for saying this hahah

  13. Well, I’m of the opinion that anyone who comes here for the first time needs to see wicked. It’s a rite of passage! Buuut... there are so many good shows. Is into the woods on your list? Because it’s personally my favorite right now. Hamilton is not worth the cost IMO. Don’t get my wrong, it’s my second favorite show but I don’t think it’s worth paying for here if you can see the tour instead. If you don’t go for the classic wicked I would say see Beetlejuice or music man

  14. I tip every single driver the 18-20%. There have been two instances where someone has genuinely- and I don’t mean classic nyc cab/Uber driver driving- almost gotten us in severe car accidents. I mean props to them for avoiding it, but if I was scared for my life for more than 80% of the trip I may not tip.

  15. Wish I could’ve seen Danielle Brooks (Taystee) as Sophia in The Color Purple. Seems that role was made for her

  16. Yes! I love her so much I would have loved to see her in it as well

  17. Love this for them!!! Who does Annie play in Into the Woods? And which show is Lea in?

  18. HAHAH I remember that!! And lea was in “POTUS” but it ended its run in mid august. It was hilarious! Annie plays Cinderella’s mom and also Red’s grandma. She’s hysterical but also angelic when she sings haha

  19. ASU (despite my wl->r haha) was great. Their Office is super efficient

  20. Screw case law learning. You won't understand jack doing that.

  21. Thank you I will 100% do this!! The main reason I asked is because I’m on the cold call panel tomorrow and we’re spending the whole class tearing about the details of International Shoe and I’m terrified to not know every detail of it 😅

  22. So the holding of international shoe (and what you’ll be tested on) is about personal jurisdiction. It sounds like you get that portion so I won’t spend more time on it.

  23. Ahh amazing!! This is so helpful. I get it now - thank you so much!!

  24. I got mugged this way over a month ago. Two people on a moped got on the sidewalk and took my purse. I filed a police report but no security footage was found, no updates so far. Be safe out there everybody!

  25. I don't want to say the worst, but they were in constant descent and there's no runways anywhere nearby

  26. Altus is right there but yeah I’m very curious what happened

  27. I’ve been switching it up every day (going into my 4th day of orientation). Day one and today I wore business casual. Friday and tomorrow I was/ will be more casual. I’m wearing jeans and a nice blouse tomorrow with nicer shoes. Today I wore very nice slacks and a nice top. People have been almost exclusively bcas or nice casual

  28. 2.) depends on the show. What type of shows do you think you both would enjoy? I recommend a musical (there are always a few plays going as well aka no music) There are lots of classics. May I recommend the music man or Hamilton (Hammy is $199 a ticket pretty much anywhere you sit.

  29. anyone here move to a completely different state for law school? just wondering how that worked out financially, with the living situation. I want to go to law school right out of college and go to a completely different state but idk if it’s actually feasible.

  30. I moved to NYC for it and living through loans, a small amount of savings, a little help from parents and a large scholarship. It took a little of everything

  31. thank you! I’m glad to hear from someone who moved to a more expensive city, I want to move to philadelphia which is why I was so concerned about the COL expenses

  32. I’m a PA native! Slightly better cost of living down there haha. It’s for sure doable, just fight for your scholarships and make sure you’re going to get a return on your investment

  33. That Kim’s “no one wants to work” spiel was not as offensive as people make it seem and that she was probably not thinking about a working class citizen when she said it, she probably meant her peers 😂

  34. I saw that the other day. They look like a swarm of flies on the map lol

  35. Probably. It was Trans Atlantic rush hour when I saw that

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