1. Honestly my thought is that Ritsuka's parents are either freaking out, overwhelmed or just very confused probably. In which case the servants are mostly going "are we sure that these are Ritsuka's parents?" Alternatively they are very mellow people and all the servants are slightly freaked out by the resemblance. A few servants have more unique reactions such as Raikou repressing the urge to murder their mother while Kiyohime tries to get their approval to marry them. Mash is very nervous about being introduced no matter what the relationship and Jack refers to them as their grandparents.

  2. Chaos max is probably the best of the blue eyes I have gotten to play with it back in the day when play was highest but I haven't played much since then paired with implantation it can win but it's probably no the best it's still fun to play though I always have fun when I run into a dark magician.

  3. King of the skull servants I figured it was just a bad deck then he sent nine skull servants to the grave and I had an open field.

  4. It becomes a very interesting situation as a lot of monsters suddenly gain a can not be destroyed by battle effect essentially. I'm sure it would change some things but I have no idea how this actually affects gameplay. One thing to consider is if this is part of the cards effect and this can be negated or if it's one of the actual rules of the game. With the prevalence of effects that can remove monsters without battle it is probably not as game breaking but I am not knowledgeable enough about number cards to say with certainty either way.

  5. I would say either go for pure fusion or pure ritual don't try to mix and match and look up blue eyes one turn kill it's based on using impcantation monsters to get out chaos max then using creature swap or mystic box to buy a 0 DEF monster on their side so you can otk. Add in advanced ritual arts and regular blue eyes chaos dragons if you decide to go the ritual route. I'm sorry that I don't know more about the polymerization route.

  6. It discourages long combos but it can still be played through it just makes it riskier to do so and if you are only special summoning once or twice it is not a major problem. I don't play competitive however so my opinion might not be the consensus

  7. So as a concept you have to be very careful when using battle bond in a fanfic. The biggest hurdle to overcome in using it in a story is can it be used by all pokemon if yes is it an inherent ability that only some pokemon of each species has and then you must ask why is Ash's Greninja the first time we see it happening. My best guess is that there is some phenomenon other than simply max friendship that we can't see in the background but if you can figure out a way to make it work go for it.

  8. It looks like he swerved into the stroller on purpose frankly it is a miracle that they escaped with both mother and child alive.

  9. I agree the personality dynamics are interesting but their history is so terrible that any relationship with them just has horrible implications

  10. I had this happen to me once I think they were hoping you would forfit

  11. So there are two black luster soldier support cards one light one dark if they are used to summon than they each grant two effects once per turn they both give banish and the light one allows for a second attack while I can't remember what the dark one did

  12. No it means 80 packs each of which contain 8 cards for a total of 640 cards. One pack is 100 gems by buying 10 packs at a time you are guaranteed at least 1 Sr if you don't get an ur you will be guaranteed one if you buy another 10 packs at once

  13. For the most part the game gives enough currency in the beginning to make one or two decks if you draw from just one archetype in addition I suggest buying the gold pass as if you complete it you make back all your gems as well as get a lot of crafting materials which can be really important to making a deck. Also I would look up what secret packs the cards you want are in so that you can craft a super rare to unlock the pack without spending gems.

  14. My only suggestion is make sure to look up the meta because once you hit gold you run into a lot of the same deck though I do still see things that are new to me like evil eye

  15. Prank kids could be considered cute. I believe it mainly uses fusion and link monsters and it does well in ranked duels.

  16. I would extra cards and that is the whole point of the coupons also the only way to get a lot of cards including ultra rares. Just remember there are a lot of cards so don't expect to get anything specific just go for it and if you're lucky you may get something you want if not you can either dismantle them or just keep them in your collection

  17. If you craft an Sr or ur card that is featured in a secret pack you may also re unlock it. But they will only last for 24 hours unless re unlocked which will usually happen if you buy ten packs.

  18. Honestly your best option is to go to the top right of the screen and there is a button that says dismantle extra copies it dismantles all cards that you havmore than three copies of. For example if you have four non foil dark magicians it will dismantle the fourth. But if you have three regulars and one foil it won't dismantle any. I just use this and I don't bother dismantling one by one as that can lead to problems and wishing you had something later.

  19. Same thing happened to me from gold 4 to platinum 5 I had a few wins but I still find this very weird has it happened to anyone below gold 4? Is it a glitch?

  20. I have done this it is amazing also apparently you get a title if you do 8000 damage with a single attack 20 times in ranked

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