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  1. I second this. All of the time people will be like ‘this band sounds like A7X’ and then they don’t sound like them at all. DVL actually does, along with their own little flares like occasional 80s hair metal vocals. Also they still scream, which A7X hasn’t done since 2011


  3. Everyone knows it’s poison serpent from the metal series!!

  4. Bro wdym! Everyone knows the poison wheel is the best wheel for everything!

  5. If you don’t already have a pre hybrid Pegasus I would make sure to grab that one. As far as I know they’re getting rarer and it’s a pretty fun and competitive layer.

  6. There are two on here actually, that one and then there’s a blue one with a Unicorno sticker one over and one down from the huge beyblade

  7. I see what you mean :( I think what it was, was that he became too obsessed over Eleven. He didn’t pay as much attention to his friends because he was too busy worrying about Eleven or just being with her in general. That’s one of the reasons I think why Mike grew more apart from Will. He didn’t hang out with him as much.

  8. That’s realistic though. Someone in the show needs to call him out for it some more

  9. But it's his fault Hasbro's Beyblades are poor quality that even after he left, they stuck with the cheap designs. Hopefully Takara Tomy and Hasbro makes a proper collaboration if the next Beyblade is on the planning stages and have them design the Beys all the same like what they do with Transformers.

  10. I have a conspiracy theory that Hasbro intentionally dumbed beyblades down so they’d get less ‘beyblades are DANGEROUS?!?!’ press

  11. Nah they did it to save money in production and honestly that’s almost 100% the sole reason.

  12. Makes sense. From their perspective if the main target audience is 8 year olds, they’re going to sell well whether they’re up to par with Takara Tomy or not. They would sell far better if they kept up though.

  13. Comedian Scott Aukerman refers to his wife as his ex girlfriend which I’ve always found hilarious


  15. No wonder he got locked up....nobody ever explained to me.

  16. If you point out something, this group seems to get defensive. It's weird. I don't see it on any other music page.

  17. Probably because since there’s never any news regarding A7X, the second there is news it’s really nice. So when someone posts news they’ve already saw they get involuntarily angry because they were hoping so hard that it was new info.

  18. 6661 is 1999 upside down which is the year they formed.

  19. Also known as OG Metal Fight Stadium. I’ve had it since 2012 and it has many scars.

  20. Oh no way that’s so cool, I wanna look into it it looks perfect

  21. I’m not even sure if you can find a clear one anymore. The other colors I’ve seen on eBay (the legit ones at least) were a couple hundred dollars now.

  22. I’m pretty sure, yeah! Pro series since the first wave has had stickers but none of the mainline products have

  23. That’s awesome. Sucks they’re double the price of other Hasbro beys though. I looked for one in my local Walmart out of curiosity and I was taken aback by the fact that it was 20 USD.

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