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  1. Good lord give it a rest. What are these so called MCU fans coming to

  2. Upgrade and get a scrub daddy. You can thank me later

  3. I bet it’ll be Sydney Sweeney as Patricia Parker

  4. Fair play to him. And before Jake Paul too. You know Jake’s blood is boiling

  5. The fact he tried to get the event called off and it’s backfired massively 😂😂

  6. When I bought my glasses last year they said they’d recommend getting the ones that are thinner and have a special coating on that keeps them cleaner than normal lenses. Let me tell you now that is the biggest BS I’ve ever heard. Since I’ve bought my glasses I’ve never seen them completely clean. Even after wiping them with glasses wipes they get dirty so quickly.

  7. It’s filled with crap that the vast majority really don’t care about until you get to the final reactive weapon. It’s mad because if they actually made great rewards throughout the whole battle pass they’d get a-lot more people buying it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Vikk has no movement skills whatsoever. He’s one of those kids at school that had no hand eye coordination and sucked at all sports.

  9. Because 70% of the film before that moment was atrocious?

  10. Ain’t got no pubes but could kill a whole school within 30 mins America is wild

  11. Your doggo is possessed I’ll need to seize him immediately for emergency pets

  12. Has he even boxed before? Because if he hasn’t it won’t be a pro fight so they’ll be wearing head-guards and heavier gloves?

  13. The fact that Adam Warlock sent the avengers straight to Thanos and told them they could beat him, knowing full well that they were sacrificial lambs and 90% of them would probably die makes me thankful it didn’t happen in the films 😂😂

  14. What’s everyone’s predictions for legends buffs?

  15. Funny that he’s saying this when he allegedly paid Wassabi to pull out after his event fell through.

  16. The newest film could’ve been told in 20 minutes

  17. Bruh JJ must know he looks like a tit right now.

  18. I’m begging that pause season we get legitimate reworks to Maggie/mirage/

  19. I love my family but I’m still tired and tired lol

  20. I remember nothing about her character at all. I don’t even remember why she was after ronin

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