1. God is a Woman's original demo was with Camila Cabello as were The Middle and Closer

  2. Because you are totally not understand the context of the use of the word “cis”. It is a word that has been allocated to you, like human or earthling

  3. I don’t think so, Lorelai just was not good with people under 18, because mentally she was still their age. Only with Rory, instead of being her mum, she was her friend and Rory eventually outgrew that

  4. But she was good with lane and Paris, of all people, who also had a lot of baggage

  5. I think she tolerated Paris and Lane for the sake of Rory. You could see at times she couldn’t be bothered with them especially Paris.

  6. It’s fine how it is, it would just encourage people to be “sick” for months and take the piss. SSP should be cut £10 per week.

  7. has it ever crossed your mind that some people are legitimately sick? Read some of the comments.

  8. Don’t want my tax money being wasted, SSP should be scrapped completely ultimately

  9. If you count them, Courtney Love, Perez Hilton, Brooklyn Beckham and his wife, Chrissy Teigen.

  10. Was she talking about the books already released or the entire planned run? Cause there's still a volume to come out and the Web comic is on hiatus but not concluded. And she's allowed to change her mind if she wants to expand the story a little.

  11. No, Alice has already said the books will cover 4 seasons. This is just the media inventing stories for click bait

  12. A pic from the 80s of a world famous superstar giving a blowjob that has never surfaced online in all these years.

  13. I’m really between a rock and a hard place with Labour. I have been an SNP voter since I could vote and was willing to put my support for Scottish Independence aside to support getting rid of the Tory Government but Starmer is not any better than Sunak and ruling out FOM is very off putting for me. I am still very angry that FOM was stolen from me. I am willing to vote for the devil just to get FOM again

  14. The Queen when she was alive, it was a shame she never got one. She did amazing work throughout the whole of the commonwealth

  15. Les Hoey Dreammaker Foundation - based in Wishaw The charity helps provide dreams for sick children

  16. All these politics are getting in the way of what football is all about. Exchanging bags of cash.

  17. No, humans rights are sociology issue. The implementation of human rights are a political issue

  18. Jelly hill in Hyndland. Sack me because I fell ill with the flu just as lockdown was starting to lift

  19. Dont forget jonny rotten from the sex pistols did a BBC radio interview 70's or 80's i think it was. John mentioned he wanted to kill a few people, when the reporter asked who, his response was "jimmy saville, we all know he's doing things he shouldn't be but we can't talk about that can we?" Or something like that. Needless to say that interview never saw the light of day until the sick bastard was dead.

  20. I worry they will try and bring in rent controls… hopefully Westminster stops them if they do

  21. I do feel safe to an extent however the law is not harsh enough, we need an outright ban where not one single citizen has access to guns for whatever reason. They are no justification and argument for the ownership for guns.

  22. I mean can you? It would just be corbyn making massive tax rises constantly, anyone earning a decent wage will just be a cash cow for some new scheme.

  23. That was literally Boris Johnson’s premiership, finding cash for some new “scheme” that ended up being scrapped anyways

  24. Oof, I dunno but I personally did not enjoy her set at the ArtRave whatsoever. It went on wayyyy too long and was the same beat over and over and over again.

  25. I watched this YouTube video recently and he owns his own small record label in the UK, I think he is living his small life.

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