1. Hey I hate SafeCo I am experiencing the same thing right now. Please tell me how did it go? Were they able to reinstate your policy or did you have to find new insurance? Ridiculous how they never send notifications I’m on auto payments and thought my payments were going through this whole time when they weren’t.

  2. Same thing happened to me. They claim they notified me of an issue with my vehicle information, per my state of residence. There's no issue, I was not notified either by mail or email or phone, but my policy was canceled six months ago. Awful company.

  3. I’ve heard European Smoothies are higher energy compared to American Smoothies. Though, I did see this online, so who knows lol.

  4. I have an American Smoothie and we spend at least 3 hours outside every day and walk an average of 7 miles daily.

  5. My herding breed dog escaped from my parents yard to chase a garbage truck and broke his leg. Clean break through the fibula and tibia, so broken in 2 places. A garbage truck did less damage than one of these dogs.

  6. I’m in the same boat! Dog loving is hard in the city!

  7. I know! I'm not going to get one of those phony ESA letters for my dude, but I understand why people do.

  8. Totally fair and I'm not opposed at all! I love Newton, Waltham, hell - I'd go as far as Groton or Ayer!

  9. I’ve been living in a one bedroom apartment with my 2 year old Smooth boy for almost two years. It’s normally fine, but check out my post history for when I was having a breakdown over not getting him outside. Things are better now, but it’s been a challenge.

  10. I have a 4 y/o smooth collie and also live in an apartment. He sprained his wrist in December and I thought life was gonna suck without being able to run him at the dog park.

  11. I have heard smoothies are higher energy then their rough counterparts. My girl isn't too into playing consistently either and we just do a lot of chews. The meat bones are kinda nasty but tire them out. Also acting like a maniac gets my dog to play😅. Cassie is close to your dogs age and I worried too that she was depressed with just wanting stuff to chew or eat but teaching her to settle and mean it is huge. We don't crate her anymore but we put her in a room to herself to relax and it helps. On her really pushy days that was all we could do while I made meals or attended to my kids needs. Now she has learned that if she settles close to us then I won't put her away. It one day clicked. She likes to lay in our way hoping for a tummy rub while we step over. 😂 I used to also put her in a bed stay and make her stay on there for a few minutes to teach her that she doesn't always have to be pet or chewing. If you are supplying everything he needs and he won't stop being pushy about attention then he needs some tough love and boundaries. Collies are so lovely. All they want is affection and they will totally demand it from you at all times if you let them! But they also really want to please so if you set firm boundaries while still showing them there is time for love then they want to listen.

  12. This is amazing. Thank you so much, he is so demanding that I’ve been feeling like he must be miserable. But you’re right, the only time I crate him is at night for bed. I’ll put him into situations where he has to self-soothe more consistent try.

  13. Did you post this piece a couple of weeks (could be less than that, time is soup) back with the mismatching white floss in the D?

  14. Yes! I frogged the discolored white floss and redid it. I tried going over the old stuff in parts but it gave me weird bumps and ridges. Lesson learned!

  15. Made this as a birthday present. I only know Doom from watching it over my older brother’s shoulder, but I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from nerds.

  16. what about making an Etsy store and collecting money from us nerds?

  17. Def interested! I’m working on the classic Doom guy face now, but I’m not really familiar enough with the game to know the other iconic images associated with it. If you have ideas or suggestions, send them my way and inshallah I can get a few up in time for the holidays.

  18. If you’re close to Brookline, check out the green dog parks for hours to bring your dog. The tag is expensive but I’ve been going daily for almost a year without a problem and just pick up other dog’s poop for good karma. If the ranger comes around, I go to them first and start a conversation. If you seem cagey, they’ll hone in on you and make you leash up.

  19. wash it. if you're super concerned, a tide stick works wonders :)

  20. Oooh that’s a great idea! I was worried it would be too harsh for DMC threads

  21. Sorry for being off topic - Please show us the finished work. I'm guessing this is the artwork for the DOOM first-person shooter video game? 🤯

  22. Will do! It’s slow going bc it was supposed to be a birthday present for someone who ended up being awful. But no project left unfinished!!

  23. I wonder how many people didn't comment on that post because they weren't sure what to say instead of, "Unless you live in Montana..."

  24. I work with a union that does not have just cause termination in our contracts. I was explaining EAW to a member and when I got to the Montana part, they asked “what would you do in Montana?” I was stymied.

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