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  1. Replace all of the wood finish furniture with something more contemporary looking.

  2. Incorporate pictures of family, friends and loved ones.

  3. How about putting all of this time, energy and money into avoiding the need for abortion on demand to begin with? Education, outreach and prevention.

  4. From what I understand they sold all the recipes to the company that currently makes the pies and distributes them. I could be wrong

  5. If I remember correctly, the pie recipes were sold to the Ball family (same Ball family that owns several Balls grocery stores) and pies are sold primarily through their stores.

  6. What year is this from? We had friends over for Thanksgiving who brought a Tippins French Silk pie that cost $20.

  7. There's a notation on the bottom that indicates March 1990.

  8. With the dark flooring and the strong lines of the floor, something simple, no strong patterns, easy on the eyes. A lighter color would stand out against the dark flooring

  9. Non-problematic high-end one owner cars.

  10. A Cadillac Escalade? Really? I would not have considered any GM vehicles. Why do you think that is for an Escalade? Appearances?

  11. Na, the 2002 - 2013 Escalade is a pretty reliable vehicle. OP is in the market for a well maintained used car, so it fits in.

  12. Not looking. Already drive an Acura. Curious about what mechanics see in how others maintain vehicles.

  13. I'm thankful to live in a city where most people are chill, even keeled. Not a lot of the extremes we see in larger cities.

  14. Your boyfriend has it backwards. Don't raise them strictly in any religion. No Christian schools, no sunday school. Then let them explore religion on their own when they reach the right age. There's nothing being taught in any religion, any text, any sunday school that you can't teach and practice at home. Absolutely nothing.

  15. Just show evidence of serving in last 3 years, stop whining

  16. I'm surprised they even use the words "pelvis" and "ovaries".

  17. Practical. Functional. Makes it easy to swap augers yes? Cool!

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