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  1. The gatekeepers. People in a sub that demean and berate you for asking a question about something they're passionate about that they feel everyone else should automatically know. But this happens in real life, too, so...

  2. Don’t be a sports fan then. Especially not a woman sports fan. It’s so annoying

  3. Taro paste ? Wait I've never had that before. Where do you get it ?

  4. Ha. I was asking more on the lines of which bubble tea place has it. Was wondering if any bubble tea chains in the US have the one with the paste. The ones I usually get have only taro powder.

  5. Oh my god hahahaha sorry. I think most places use taro powder for the tea itself and then have taro paste as a separate thing. I know T4 has it!

  6. People who argue using emotion rather than with logic. Can't win a discussion with people who are completely illogical

  7. See, my personal infuriator is people who think that their POV is the definition of dispassionate logic.

  8. Well I have a plethora of mental health issues so to combat that I take a med that makes it really hard to eat. So in one sense it’s easier for me to stay in shape because the constant nausea means I eat a lot less than most people.

  9. Everyone's already mentioned the "affordability" reason, so I'm gonna bring-up another major reason that I can't see myself ever willingly buying an electric car.

  10. Who is making comments on your body or looks? None of my friends do that, thank goodness. You could weigh 700 lbs and it’s STILL rude to comment on someone else’s body.

  11. It's mostly people that just enjoy the suffering of others, aka strangers

  12. I use “wait for something better” all the time when people absolutely should not just be waiting for something better. Pretty much every line from “This is your life” tbh, that song really speaks to me.

  13. Félicitations! J’étudiais le français au lycée et je me souviens rien du tout haha

  14. Got my purse stolen OFF MY LAP when I fell asleep for ten minutes in a bus traveling through Gary, Indiana.

  15. I don’t know how big your class is but you could stand in the back of the room instead of the front.

  16. It’s LaDoris Hazzard Cordell, and she’s a judge. I mean I have some issues with her article too but I figured I’d help you out a bit

  17. Yes, BUT: don’t use this as a reason to beat yourself up or avoid the cards. Honestly my tarot deck is better than my therapist. And I do turn to them when I’m upset and I usually just ask “help me” and they do!

  18. He got that mooncake. The milk bread. Ass so sweet they call him halo halo. There ya go

  19. My maiden name is not common, but also not terrible unique.

  20. Well, my circumstances are a little strange because I take medication that gives me morning sickness. But basically EVERYTHING tastes terrible until 2 pm.

  21. aw :( have you found new pleasure in food that didn't taste good before having to take medication?

  22. No, but I’m thin enough that you can see my six-pack so there’s a bit of a consolation prize!

  23. Seven years before someone figured out that my depression was partially ADHD and put me on adderall.

  24. Cold Turkey app on a computer works wonders, and I delete all the fun apps off my phone. It takes a minute but with adderall I don’t feel like screaming if I put my phone down for 5+ minutes.

  25. You’re doing God’s work, literally. The works of mercy include comforting the afflicted and caring for the sick. Your job means more than ANYONE’s in tech.

  26. What California roads actually look like, since my show is set in California, but is filmed in Vancouver.

  27. Our roads are pretty poorly maintained, a lot of it depends on city/county funding. If the freeway is federally funded (like the 5 or the 80) it’s decent.

  28. Oh my gosh yes! I went to the louvre solo and it was one of the best days of my life, just poking around and exploring

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