1. Was there any hints at all that York was the traitor? Cause at least with Kanjuro you can go back and see that there was hints about him being a traitor. I forgot York was even a character lmao.

  2. A youruber called „Marco the Pheonix“ something something made a very nice theory about Kanjuro, way back when everyone suspected Carrot to be the traitor. He pretty much nailed it and mentioned a lot of the details people mentioned in this thread.

  3. Damn, this looks really good, this should be promoted more in Crash communities, I think a lot of people would be interested!

  4. Like, ranks mean literally nothing in this game. People reach emperor without fundamentals, seen amazing players in orange or red, cheaters, cherry pickers in tgo. Like, you honestly cannot say if someone is good or bad based on their ranks. You gotta see how they play.

  5. Eh, higher ranks will be more likely to win against lower ranks, somewhat directly proportional to their rank. Of course there are bad players in higher ranks, but fewer and fewer, and you will not find Evo top 96 material in people who can‘t climb out of green ranks.

  6. Wenn du Melo-Death magst und lokal Supporten möchtest, hör mal bei CroworD rein.

  7. I love how King Jae is loved by lots of top players in the pro scene but most the Tekken reddit dislikes him 😂 Shout out Jae always for bridging gaps in the real world.

  8. I think he did some shady stuff in the past, win-trading in tournaments and that kind of stuff, and I remember his character guides being very misinformed and not very good in general.

  9. I would browse through Twitter searching for some key words. I saw that stuff years ago, and even that it had been a few years prior, I think.

  10. Yeah the giants from Pre-TS are surely gonna have an impact in this battle and are definitely not just nostalgia bait.

  11. snowflake generation. bald würran witze verboten weil se die gefühle anderer verletzten könnten. zum kotzen

  12. Kommt meistens von Leuten, die nicht drauf klarkommen, dass sie keine hoch rassistischen/sexistischen Aussagen mehr raushauen können, ohne dass es Konsequenzen gibt.

  13. Haki isn’t a fighting style it’s an essential enhancement to fighting styles like Swordsmanship, Gunplay, Hand to Hand, exedra

  14. The only time Shanks actually attacked someone so far was GB and it was pure Haki lmao

  15. Meinst du dieses Alpro Klumpat? Ich hab mal in Ermangelung besserer Alternativen deren "Kokosdrink" ausprobiert. Riecht recht angenehm, schmeckt unaufdringlich. Aber mit Kokosmilch hat das Zeug genau null zu tun und zum Kochen ist es absolut unbrauchbar. Können sie sich behalten wennst mich fragst.

  16. Das ist auch keine Kokosmilch zum Kochen, sondern zum Trinken etc.

  17. Dass es nicht zum Kochen gedacht ist, wusste ich auch vorher. Was anderes gab's halt leider nicht. Aber dass es so schon nicht gerade gehaltvoll ist und nach dem Erhitzen nach praktisch gar nichts mehr schmeckt, das weiß ich erst jetzt.

  18. Wenn du Milchersatz zum Kochen/Backen brauchst kann ich sie normale Alpro Sojamilch sehr empfehlen, lässt sich meistens 1zu1 mit Kuhmilch austauschen und klappt super!

  19. I do that to save money and to travel since i always bring my family with me and i got no sponsors even to cover personal costs. Also my wife is Indonesian, we try to go Indonesia at least once a year and you know that trip from Europe for 3 people is super expensive by plane x)

  20. Damn, what a work ethic! Congratulations to your 4th place, I was there and it was hype af!

  21. Well if he needs 2 jobs to provide for his family maybe its time to drop tekken just saying and focus on something else

  22. Dude made 4th plays at the WORLD finals and you say he should drop the game? Lmao

  23. And what‘s this gatekeeping nonsense? This is neither my first time with weed nor with drugs in general.

  24. We‘re vegan for moral reasons lmao but if you lack the mental capacity to understand that, it‘s not my problem.

  25. Tyler2k covers a lot of them, even smaller events, with brilliant in-depth commentary. To keep up with tournaments etc. you should follow the Bandai Namco Esports Youtube channel as well as their Twitter. Also, people like K-Wiss, Spag and other commentators/players are active on Twitter! This weekend the World Tour Finals are being held, make sure to check it out, it‘s gonna be amazing!

  26. Hi, please share details in PM. Also was thinking of visiting the finals, never have been there before

  27. It started ok and got worse over time, especially with the constant flashbacks

  28. But it wasn't truly platonic since Alison had feelings for her, and since Bernie chose him literally the second she found out, she probably had feelings for him as well but didn't think he'd be interested.

  29. is a bisl scherzhaft zu behaupten dass alle lkws an 80er fahren wenns eigentlich durch die bank an hunderter ziehen ;)

  30. Die meisten LKWs sind auf 90 km/h beschränkt iirc, da zieht wohl keiner einen 100er, besonders nicht die Mehrheit.

  31. Yoshimitsu, Lili, Asuka, Kiryu Kazuma, Nina, Heihachi, Gorilla, Jinraffe, Shaggy, Gon, Dr. Bosconovitch, Dante from the Devil May Cry series, Alisa, Christie, and Cait Sith

  32. Todays tickets were gone in a few minutes yeah. Original sale apparently lasted a few hours before it sold out.

  33. I was online when they originally launched, and LCQ as well as VIP tickets were gonna in minutes iirc.

  34. No one has even noticed that most of the older character also left. Apart from a few, most of the cast are young males.

  35. Dude we just got Leeroy, one of the oldest characters in the franchise. What are you smoking?

  36. One extra older guy doesn't take away from the fact that there's still more younger people than older.

  37. They‘re willing to add old men to the cast, as evident with Leeroy. Also he is going nowhere, his appearance in the Tekken Anime is practically a guarantee that he is going to be in T8.

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