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  1. I’m pretty new to the format and I do play burn with prowess being the next deck I want to try.

  2. Honestly, murktide may be a good starting deck.

  3. I would disagree as it is not that easy to get good results. You’ll have to know the meta pretty well.

  4. Start with burn. Every match is exciting and very close and it’s easy to learn (yet hard to master)

  5. I have the same, espresso tastes great but I can’t empty the basket without getting coffee stains on the counter.

  6. What happened with the scam player, what was the issue with his deck?

  7. Put your money in a bank account because saving is good and you’ll even get interest

  8. Don’t let the Reddit mafia know what you said. To them all cops are bad.

  9. I expect you not to be a fucking neanderthal but here we are…

  10. Ich war gerade im Auto auf dem Weg zu KFC als das Thema los ging 🥲

  11. Geldmacher und „Naturheilverfahren“ passt.

  12. Homöopathie hat mit Naturheilverfahren absolut nix zu tun, wird aber gern so genannt.

  13. Stop fighting the dog and let it sink his teeth into your flesh!

  14. Roger waters from Pink Floyd toured during trumps presidency. When he came to my city at least 50 plus Trump lovers left when Rogers flew a giant anti trump float around.

  15. I’m still not going to listen to Ted Nugent

  16. I didn't know you could get a PhD in shilling

  17. It’s not a PhD, she has not done any research. Juris Doctor is something you just get when you graduate and it is NOT on the same level as a PhD.

  18. A nude model who did lesbian soft core porn pix, no less 🤦🏼‍♀️

  19. I’m really not getting why it’s okay to shame her about that.

  20. I was expecting lightning to strike the truck

  21. First one that popped into my head aswell

  22. A magic powder that heightens your senses but also makes you a huge asshole

  23. What does that bitch do at the vet clinic?

  24. We get it, you like books, good for you.

  25. You would do yourself a huge favor to break up with that psychopath

  26. Literally the first thing I thought about

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