1. Did the daughter and SIL not understand just how much OOP had already paid? It's like they had no clue how many checks had already been written.

  2. I've never been so enthralled by a story about chess before.

  3. If The Last of Us was a trilogy, I suspect it might be up there with those franchises.

  4. I'm no expert (much like Dana) but there's absolutely been steps skipped and missed here. I'm usually all for trimming the fat so to speak and removing elements for the sake of overall storylines.

  5. Since the 80's our system has been designed to undereducate, overwork, and overwhelm to the point of submission.

  6. This has got to be the most brutally honest and direct answer I've ever heard in response to are Americans OK? I'd throw in a complete lack of support for those who struggle with mental health because the Healthcare system is just fundamentally broken.

  7. I think we saw plenty of their relationship not being condoned, unless you're talking within the queer community. And then I'd have to politely disagree on the need for it; there was enough adversity covered in the series that it didn't need to become internal.

  8. If that's what those subwoofers are doing to the car, imagine what they're doing to the interal ear bones.

  9. Emotional distress from a futon being accidentally damaged.

  10. The twisting story started roughly a year ago, when Mars Wrigley rebranded the mascot candies to become more inclusive and reflect more modern sensibilities. For example, the green M&M was changed so she had shorter legs and stopped wearing high heels. The redesign prompted backlash from far-right pundits like Tucker Carlson, who criticized the changes as “woke.”

  11. OOP's entitlement is thickly layered here. And it seems like after all this the only take away she has is that none of this is really her fault because, like, everyone takes sick days off to go abroad and her friend was so insensitive to offer to pay for a night out...

  12. My eyesight ain't what it used to be so I read that part on the right at 'it dissolves at dawn'.

  13. You can love someone deeper than all the oceans combined.

  14. Yeah because we don't have enough out there that could kill us...

  15. This is such a beautiful ending to what was most certainly a difficult journey for J, OOP now has two brothers! Love it.

  16. Sony, while drooling over this concept, is forgetting a few important factors

  17. Called out for his Mom? Gut-wrenching. I already feel queasy about the video and what it will reveal. As a non-American, can I just send my love? It sounds like there's going to be dark, hard days ahead with one extremely dark day already passed.

  18. Return it to the bank. I feel like this is not only honorable but extremely obvious.

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