1. Kansas wins that game if Bill Self is coaching. KU made 0 offensive adjustments and still only loses by 1.

  2. He said that before Wiggins went out with Tommy John.

  3. What mode is that? Is that real wood or is it a laminate stock?

  4. That rifle is as accurate as your eyes can see. You will love it.

  5. I had to leave the archery sub because of all the stupid robinhood posts. Please don’t start bringing that to bowhunting.

  6. Hoping they figure out who gave him a gun.

  7. Given his respect for the law and everything I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he probably stole it.

  8. This is just absolutely inexcusable. Pittman won’t be fired, but I’ve lost faith in him. We are fully a basketball and baseball school now.

  9. IDK how much that rifle set you back but I have a mighty need.

  10. The carving on the stock is not factory. I just now noticed that. Very good looking

  11. Congrats, these Henrys are super smooth and so fun to shoot. When I got mine I found out my close up vision blurred my open sights. I wanted a scope but also wanted to keep the western look. So I got this Malcolm scope.

  12. I have the 10x10 version and that thing is like 80lbs…It would be a 3 man job to wrestle that beast.

  13. I mean they film in the same location indefinitely, prize amount stays the same since the beginning, they film back to back seasons, they reuse a lot of the same challenges, they don't have big live finales/reunion shows anymore... How much more cost do they need to cut lol?

  14. As many as they can before they lose viewers. And even some lost viewers is expected of cost cut offset.

  15. So about 80k 3 times. Idk even if you do got 80k it still can help you out. If you know how to move your money you could turn that 80 k to 250k. And have some fun with some of it as well.

  16. Not one time did I say $80k was an insignificant amount of money. I completely understand what $80k is capable of doing.

  17. Aight buddy im not trying to argue with you. You can give me 80 k. 💰And that shit would change my life. Either for good or bad. But everyone has different perspectives. 🤙🏾 have a good day

  18. For sure man people just started downvoting me from that one comment, I understand if they disagree.

  19. Church of Christ here. No lies noted.

  20. Lane Kiffin gets on the elevator before the other ppl get out

  21. Wham, bam, what the fuck happened to Ole Miss? Do they drop out of the top 20 after this one?

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