GastoniaPD attacked a homeless Veteran and tased his service dog. Unfortunately, the service dog was later hit by a car and died while the veteran was in jail after this arrest. GastoniaPD have alleged that the dog attacked them and that the veteran refused to ID.

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  1. It's infuriating that so many cops consider their authority first, and the lives of others second. They need to be able to recognize that in certain scenarios, their authority comes second, and they just need to let things go. As hard as their job is, some cops seem to be incredibly unaware of the consequences of their actions. Was arresting the veteran for a minor infraction worth completely ruining his life?

  2. You're speechless. I'm struggling to type this through tears. What the fuck did I just watch?

  3. Since you’re in the US I’d say look for English Premier League teams since they’re the easiest to follow over here (all games are on NBC). Try to do some research about the founding of some of the clubs and see if any of them hold any values or have any traditions that you find appealing.

  4. I would also suggest you don’t choose to support a team that’s successful right now (like Man City or Liverpool, and I say this as a Liverpool fan). With either of those teams you’ll taste victory, but basically the only way is down from their level so you’ll likely get a few years of success and then a decade of struggling.

  5. I find it alarming that we’ve never heard anything more about this. We know more about Amber Heard shitting in Johnny Depps‘ bed than we do about how 1 man got an entire arsenal into a “secure” hotel in one of the busiest cities in America.

  6. I stayed in the Mandalay Bay in Feb. One floor below the shooter. Nothing “secure” about it. You could walk anything you want into that place.

  7. But you still have to pay before MAYBE getting the money back.

  8. Yeah I kind of sucks that the more you’re out of pocket by, the more you have to pay upfront to take it to court.

  9. So, hypothetically, I could make a 30 second audio file and upload it to these platforms, set them to play on repeat, and make unlimited $.

  10. Multiple streams from the same account or device pay out less and eventually don’t pay out at all. This is true for YouTube, not sure if Spotify is different

  11. Obviously a claim for 10k arising from a breach of contract likely wouldn’t succeed. But a claim for £350 could

  12. I think the fact they completely lost a 15kg parcel (or 70kg as P2G believe) might help OP. When weighing up an option that covers loss you could easily believe a parcel this large would be hard to lose and not feel the need to add total loss insurance.

  13. Absolutely leather if you don’t want to be paranoid about extremely clean and unmoisturized hands every time you drive.

  14. Would you say this just for the wheel or the whole interior?

  15. I have a GTS 4.0 that came with the gts interior option. I love the look and feel of the alcantara, it breaks up the look of solid leather. I just had to clean it at 11k miles as it started to get a little shine to it. Took me about 45min as I was being very careful. Leather brush and sonax did the job well. Now I keep the leather brush in the door and give it a quick brush occasionally after a drive and you can see it getting dirt off the wheel. I am a bit paranoid over dirty hands, but the longer I have it the less I worry about it. It's not like leather doesn't get dirty, it's just harder to notice. Starting over I would probably swap the wheel and gear stick (manual) to leather, but keep the seats alcantara. Unless you eat a lot in the car or have kids in it!

  16. Limiting access to only the person who installs the bollard

  17. I’ve seen these in the UK when people live close to stadiums or other venues that might have limited parking. It stops cheeky people parking their car on your drive (despite being a dickmove, parking on someone’s driveway isn’t illegal in the UK)

  18. We don't know what boxing day is in America. We work the Day After Christmas 99% of the time

  19. It's a combination. A lot of higher ups in the Navy do not like Maverick and therefore they don't push or help him to get promoted. They likely probably hinder him as much as possible. But at the same time, Maverick doesn't try to get promoted or go out for promotions. He's found a spot where he can stay Captain and that's basically all he does.

  20. It's ridiculous because, as long as they've never been bankrupt, literally anyone can start a company.

  21. Is that the same as being VAT registered? I thought you had to have a certain level of income before you worry about VAT? (I’m not a company owner)

  22. The film makers didn’t want to start another war by name dropping another country. It didn’t matter for the first one because we were in the Cold War but now it’s different.

  23. You don't know what happened before.

  24. The kids probably were dickheads. The police need to be better. When you have a position of authority it’s so much easier to take the high ground.

  25. I live near the auction house and my marriage can probably survive me coming home after spending a few grand on an old book (I may be forced to sell some of my Pokémon cards).

  26. Which sometimes gets a bit edgy when you say it to a woman you work with who has her face down near your crotch, then realise her husband is standing 6ft away giving you the death stare.

  27. “Edgy” I’ve known careers, justifiably ended for this “joke”

  28. I spent £17.90 at aldi on a food shop that lasts almost week (I had to pick up some more milk)

  29. Yeah. There’s a bit of a meme that McDonald’s is “dirty” and you might get sick for eating there, but almost every time I’ve been in one its been really really clean and tidy. Only time they seem to slip is late on a Friday & Saturday when they’ve got drunk dickheads everywhere. Step in a KFC and your feet are sticking to the floor, grime and dirt everywhere. Tasty chicken though.

  30. 3 ingredient max (not including ice) plus no shaker required

  31. People will order from the list you give them. Dead easy to have a list of 5 or 6 that are simple to make and are just ingredients the bar would have anyway - Woowoo, Godfather, Cuba Libre, Sex on the Beach, maybe a simple Martini.

  32. Definitely see a doctor. But have you worn new shoes or sandals lately with a buckle that rests there? My mum has an allergy to nickel, and it can flare like this.

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