1. Dw (dear wife) is interested in this as well, although access is limited to us at the time. I would love to hear your exp if you do micro or something, as she is bp2 and mania eps are few and far between as well.

  2. Melanie! She lives 2 towns over... a few years back she got in trouble for shoplifting from a large health food store.

  3. The bottom part of the plug is siezed up inside the engine block where the plug screws in. I have to get that out first, which is easier said than done. It's about 8" down inside the coil housing and I have to be careful to jot get metal shavings inside the cylinder.

  4. I lost a van to this. Oh i lament not pulling that top to fix it

  5. Dont put it in the freezer lol. Dont worry! Depends on what your buying but google how to see signs of bedbugs and be vigilant.

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