Binance Enters Agreement to Acquire FTX

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  1. what’s your amount of transactions through there every month and for how long? % to money like merchants such as mortgage/credit cards?

  2. I don’t put my mortgage on it. I only pay my Amex and Chase credit cards through it. Roughly 2-3k a month. Sometimes more. I’ve been doing this for a year or so.

  3. It says you need to open a mortgage loan? Can you dm me the link by chance?

  4. Wait to be under 5/24. Then go crazy on chase business cards. After that MDD. Gonna be a great year!

  5. How long did it take to see the cash back on your Rakuten account? For other sites I instantly get a notification that my cash back is pending, but for this one it’s been a few hours after my saks order confirmation email but nothing on my Rakuten account…

  6. It differs for me. Sometimes instantly, sometimes in a week.

  7. Bad enough for me to sell low and hopefully buy high.

  8. I’ll probably get downvoted for this but here it goes. There should be some type of regulation. People say they don’t want regulation but then complain about what regulation would save them from.

  9. I don't use any sort of budget. I just use my cards for purchases that I would otherwise have used a debit card or cash for. My credit card statement balances get paid in full monthly. If I can't afford something, I don't put it on a card. No budget, managing, apps or over thinking involved honestly.

  10. Boy am I happy I was able to pull out my crypto two days ago. Dodged a real bullet here.

  11. I just withdrew all my crypto. I did have an issue where it wouldn’t let me, but surprisingly customer support was very quick to fix the issue. About an hour tops to fix it.

  12. Currently trying to do the same but it says I have to wait a day 😭 also, anyone know how to send/withdraw to coinbase?

  13. I say this all the time, might as well say it again, SEC has nothing better to do than go after the wrong entities.

  14. How long did it take for your withdrawal to process? I requested the withdrawal and the status is showing "requested"; just wondering how long the typical withdrawal process takes.

  15. Everything on FTX is now on my ledger. How it should have been but I was greedy for the 8%

  16. I think if FTX crashes it’ll very very bad for the entire crypto space as a whole. They sponsor a few sports team and F1 racing. This would be catastrophic.

  17. If moons don't hit $3 next bullrun, I will eat my dick and run for President

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