1. I tried… but my b-hole is too lose from all the 50g monster APEs I’ve had in the past. So it all just fell out and I ate it.. wayaminit is that why it tasted like shit?

  2. It tasted like shit because you didn't eat it fresh like your supposed to. You got to eat it right from the source or it oxidises. As far as keeping it in there, you gotta invert before you squirt. Gotta point that south mouth north and go at it with a funnel. If your prison wallet won't close, some double sided Velcro works a treat 👌

  3. Fuck yeah thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely try it again!

  4. I don't really have any more info than that. Feel free to ask clarifying questions and I'll answer if I can. Thanks :)

  5. We had one kid lock his knees in formation and fell straight on his face. He was 6'4" so long way down and ended up woth a major concussion. And another kid fell off the cargo net platform and landed on his upper back with his legs in the air and he shrimped hard enough his hips split his sternum.

  6. My doctor flat out told me that in his opinion adhd meds are over prescribed and he refuses to prescribe them to anyone. I'm already in therapy and my therapist thought that the psychiatrist at their office would help as long as i had a childhood diagnosis but I set up an appointment and the psychiatrist said "because you've waited so long to do anything you will have to be rediagnosed, which isn't covered by your insurance through our office and is lengthy and expensive" then referred me to a private psychiatrist. I finally got a call back and they are also expensive and said it would take at least 4 appointments before they even consider giving me meds. My next option is almost 2 hours away from me and I can't afford to get out there for appointments. But yeah... meds are overprescribed... fuckin asshole.

  7. Ones a shaky shell shucker and the other is a shitty clam fucker

  8. The captions being out of sync is most irritating and egregious for me on Hard Knocks. Been happening for years and they never fix it. Don’t understand.

  9. I don't understand how this is still an issue. I've seen complaints about captioning since they first released this app and it seems nothing is being done about it.

  10. Literally real house wives of Beverly Hills vibes.

  11. "Minor cosmetic damage, still turns over"

  12. If gator golf taught me anything, it's that you have to wait for it to come out the other end to hit it again.

  13. Have you tried an app on your phone? That could help in a pinch. I'm sorry you had the power go out but I hope once it comes back you'll feel better.

  14. Well I was gonna use my phone for brown noise but I couldn't charge it and I needed alarms in the AM. I want to use an app in normal days but I want one that has audio pass-through so I can use headphones.

  15. We had that exact bacon press when I was a kid

  16. I love the pic of the pickle rick Bic rug

  17. Army tanning is pretty much the inverse. My hands had a tan and the lower half of my face..

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