1. You can own one; retailers still ship there. You just can’t sell/ship from within the city

  2. You can’t own one without a permit im pretty sure . Also evike and other major retailers don’t ship there

  3. If it worsens, replacements should only be a couple dollars

  4. “Pkm box mag” with a label maker

  5. Loose and in plain view without even an orange tip. This. Is. Why. People. Think. Gun owners. Are. Bad.

  6. At my own house lol. As if I would drive like that.

  7. Glad you don’t but bringing it to your car like that at all wasn’t a good idea. It’s like never pointing it at someone or always treating it like it’s loaded. Just because something can be done “safely” doesn’t mean you should do it and then post it online

  8. Are you using the KCR as a dmr? Just curious because I own a KCR as well and haven’t used it too much yet!

  9. I don’t play yet bc airsoft/fa is touchy where I live. But I would definitely use it for that purpose

  10. Cant speak for the AK but I’ve had a couple WOCs back in the day, awesome at the time and the price was not terrible either but all of these older WA based guns are just a little outdated and the newer stuff is on a different playing field. IMO at least.

  11. Yeah I had no interest in playing until last year, these were originally bought just to be working props. So I didn’t account for maintenance/longevity when purchasing

  12. I remember seeing somewhere that the ZET system was also kinda finicky. Is it less of a hassle than the systems I have or just hearsay?

  13. -SI PDW stock and mlok covers -KAC trigger guard -5KU outer barrel -Magpul light mount -EMG mock supp -Rhino sights w/ fiber optics

  14. It’s made of polymer and wobbles. Additionally, mags need to go in at a certain angle or they won’t latch on. It can be overcome but it’s still annoying.

  15. The schadenfreude from the ground slam

  16. I get people like this when selling other stuff or asking for so much off it’s basically free

  17. Bc poses take up a lot of space and the joints might loosen/fail

  18. 9/10: mask looks proportionally too big and goofy for your body

  19. “Daisy guessed the password to your gummiphone”

  20. I use mesh goggles, what should I use instead?

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