1. Some nice guys from Aladdin nursed him back to health and sent him home. Did you even read the manga?

  2. My guess is he wanted to have a good fight too. Or more likely he wanted to see if he could steal bungee gum somehow. Same reason he didn’t kill Silva and Zeno.

  3. OT: Is it confirmed that we're only gonna get 10 chapters? Wasn't there a time when we got 20 before a hiatus?

  4. Betting there’ll be a short break, but we’ll get 10 more soon.

  5. I think Hingrinh is going to save Nobu, somehow. I feel like Nobu is going to get flashbacks again, maybe hesitate against morena, causing a weaker nen user to get the jump.

  6. Betting they went off to master nen. Shalnark probably took the hunter exam, I’d be willing to bet.

  7. C-Moon, Black Sabbath, Soft & Wet, Killer Queen, Stone Free

  8. The biggest shocker for me is that this implies Far Far Away is an island when they literally went by horse in Shrek 2

  9. https://imgur.com/a/k9YURyf

  10. The mafia. And zazan. We never see him torture anyone innocent. Yes, he threatened to torture gon, but that was when he thought he was in league with uvo’s kidnapper

  11. Why didn’t scarecrow hurt Jason or at least something else

  12. He was probably just watching and enjoying how scared Jason was. He’s not really a physical guy anyway, so a punch from him would probably be pretty ineffective

  13. I find it funny that Scarecrow was also one of the inmates who tortured him. Little did he know he would be working with him in the future.

  14. He actually didn’t take part. If you look back at the prequel comic, scarecrow doesn’t lay a hand on him. Joker even criticized him for it

  15. If he does, I don’t think it will be long. He has the next ten planned, so he says

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