1. I am painfully single, the other day a friend came over to my house and said "you're very arty and creative arn't you after seeing some custom artwork i had done" he then saw how i decorated my my rooms and said "and you have good taste, are you sure you're not gay?" The answer is no im definitely straight but i must be putting out a gay vibe somehow smh.

  2. I've not completely lost all faith yet that I'll actually find someone to build a life with but that faith is dwindling. Also my parents would blame themselves and i don't want that.

  3. Theres a very fine line between pleasure and pain. Some people enjoy the sensation that comes from something hot or cold (you can use ice) on their skin. It is worth noting though that you buy special candles for this where the wax melts at a lower temperature so you don't burn your partner.

  4. Last week when i thought my cat was on thr verge of passing away. He seems to be recovering well though now :)

  5. BBQ spare ribs to start. Kobe Beef steak dinner medium rare) with all the trimmings for main and a triple hot chocolate fudge cake with fresh cornish vanilla ice cream for desert. I'll die fat and happy.

  6. I mean if anything i feel like store clerks should be trying to push anything other than marines and sisters. There's nothing worse than going for a couple of games and all your opponents are marines. I'd love to see a bit more variety in the hobby.

  7. Buy some cheap dropper bottles off of amazon and move your paint into them. I did it like 2 years ago and the paints are still going great now.

  8. I'm quite lucky, i went to uni the year before the fees got raised and i earn a good salary now. I checked my statement yesterday and my starting lone was £21K, it's now £20.8K after several years of paying it off via my salary. But i basically just pay off the interest + a little bit more. I've considered paying it off in full because i can do so but it's actually cheaper for me to wait until it expires by about £5k. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to manage for those that have double mine.

  9. Some of them definitely are though. You heard some of the novitech v12s though? Gives me goosepumbs. Literally ear porn.

  10. The way i see it is there is no such thing as a casual game of Apex - i actually think it's a real detriment to the game too. I'm a Diamond player (Just) and because i've hit that level, when i go into the ranked lobby the sky is filled with purple and blue trails, maybe the odd red trail. Fair enough, the masters need a wider pool of people to play with. When i go into normals, it's exactly the same but with more red trails. It's the same in arena's, you get the same people in normals that you do in ranked and that just isn't healthy for the game. There needs to be a casual playlist you can go to after sweating it out in ranked. I end up getting burnt out and leaving the game for a couple of seasons at a time.

  11. A tease. I'm sure I'll get slated for this but hypothetically the difference is the guy would probably sleep with the vast majority of women he flirts with whereas the woman just likes the attention.

  12. Had my ranked lobbies crashed twice and lost all of the points i had gained in them. So stupid that this is still a thing.

  13. I'm happy for people to have as many kids as they want provided they can support them. I take great exception to people who live off the state because i and many other hard working people are essentially paying for their free ride.

  14. Unpopular opinion probably but shit like superglides shouldn't really exist. It's a bug, completely unintended, and doesn't make any logical sense that it can be done. I'd rather play the game to get better, not sit in the firing range for hours practicing how to utilize bugs that could be patched at any moment. Fix the bugs and it would eliminate some of the macro cheaters as well.

  15. Most of apex's funky movement mechanics are glitches that shouldn't be in the game. They've been left in due to a combination of 1) respawn don't want to put the time in to fix them 2) the pro's and high level players like them

  16. And to think people complain about aim assist on controllers smh

  17. Most of us are literally conditioned from mid-late childhood to 'man up' for some it starts even earlier. Most of it is from adults and other children reinforce it also. But that's not to say that hiding it is A) Better or B) Healthy. It has it's perks but the crushing loneliness/ depression a lot of men get no doubt comes from that because you can't tell anyone and show that side of yourself.

  18. 11 years ago i had my first night out in a club when i went to a freshers event at Uni. I'd never been to a club before. They had acts on as well as music. I was having a great time when i noticed this girl across the room. Brunette, sharp model-like features, gorgeous body, piercing eyes and a classy look. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I kept looking back at the stage and then every now and then i would glance back and she would catch my eye.

  19. I would say living together is an important stage in any relationship and one that should be explored before you spend money on a wedding. Sometimes people find living together really difficult for a variety of reasons. Wouldn't you want to explore that before you legally attach yourself to another person?

  20. I had this problem when i first started playing her. It's all about farm. I think it's ridiculous considering the point of an ADC is to do damage and therefore get kills but CS = Gold. Use a site like porofessor to analyse your games. You need to have a decent K/D 8/2/6 or something similar, nothing crazy and then a shit tonne of farm and you'll get S's no problem.

  21. I can confirm i have made people really uncomfortable before without even meaning to. I daydream and they can be quite full on. It's like my brain goes somewhere else whilst my avatar sits there with wide eyes and mouth fully open. I don't mean to be like that but i'm almost in another world inside my head, i'm not seeing anything apart from images and scenes in my mind. My friends have gotten used to it but i know it freaks people out sometimes. Am i going to get locked up for 'intrusive' staring? What a load of rubbish.

  22. When i got my first car just after passing my test i was working at a hotel. I'd finish some nights at like 1.30 - 2am after a function and drive home but the roads were dead. Someone i worked with lived about 25mins away (at normal speeds) close by to where i lived and we got into this habit of racing each other home. Being the competitive idiot that i am, i was always the one driving faster and taking riskier and riskier overtakes until one night on the way back we were going down this straight road very close to wear we both lived.

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