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  1. “I have several kids, so that I will have ‘spares’ in case I lose some…” Jesus, that’s bleak

  2. Some of you may die. But that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

  3. Gawd this and gawd that... always the same. Man I'm happy to live in a country where religion isn't that important anymore.

  4. Please tell me you commented that on his facebook

  5. Oh i wish. My days on stirring shit up on Facebook are over. Lol...

  6. This same person will make a post about five years later (if not less), talking about how they're miserable with their life. Or about how they've fallen in love with someone else etc.

  7. Omg, restore, restore! İ just bought a house. İt'd be amazing to have all the repairs done already.

  8. Is something really a choice if you don't know everything about what do you choose? The real choice is only if you consciously know all aspects about this choice.

  9. No way her bf was supportive and took care of her before the pregnancy. İf he spends most of his money on himself now, he most likely did before too. İ also doubt he did any housework or chores around the house too. She must've thought he'd magically change after the kid. Which newsflash: they never do. İf anything, things get worst.

  10. Are you anti choice (prolife)? How prolife of you!

  11. Hey I just saw that episode of CSI yesterday. Except the husband murdered the clown. Then wore the clown clothes so he and his wife would reignite their sex life bc she had a fetish for clowns. Did a mime crash your son's birthday party too?

  12. If you got pregnant right now, you'd be 58 when you're legally free of the kid. You had your first at 18. That's forty years of being in charge of a child (minus two years?).

  13. This is my favorite comment. I have a few friends that had kids around OP’s age and even under the best circumstances it’s a metric fuckton of work. And the resentment OP may have from going to back to caring for a needy infant while running a business could easily be the death knell of her current relationship.

  14. If I'm a woman, would it be the clit or just the labia?

  15. Uiiiiiiiiiiiiu no te voy no te extraño tanto no idea 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡 the time you know if I get a loan office called and I will get one before i was going on a trip at least I can get it right in front desk and then i was going on a trip at least I was going [email protected]

  16. I remember when i went to this predominantly yt college and for MLKJ Day, the cafeteria served fried chicken (they had never had fried chicken on the menu before that). My black friend and I just laughed and said it was bogus, but we didn't care that much to actually get upset. Lol.

  17. It’s weird that they think “haha you’ll never have kids!” Is an insult when you’ve already specified you don’t want kids 😐

  18. One time, I was trolling on a Facebook post about kids. İ started how i didn't want kids. A few comments down, someone got really mad at me and said, "I hope you never have kids." İ said, "thank you! Me either!" Like, you're not hurting my feelings. You're supporting me right now. Lol. No

  19. They do know it's one of two choices, right? (Yes, there's more than two genders, but there's only two sexes.) You're going to either get a penis or a vagina. You know what going into it when you decide to get pregnant. Get a grip.

  20. I wouldn’t even bother replying. I’d probably block too, since they like to popup in six months hoping that you’ve acquired amnesia.

  21. İ don't block them bc i love seeing them crawl back. İt's hilarious. İ was recently dumped by a dude after two months (one of our incompatibilities was that i had a higher sex drive than him). Tell me why this dude messaged me last week at 1:30 in the morning, asking if i "wanna to fuck?" Lol, you must be out of your mind! İt's hilarious that he thought he even had a chance to get some. Rofl.

  22. So your much older husband convinced you to have a kid even though you didn't really want to. Now you're tied down with a kid you didn't even want. I'm sure he came up with the idea to have the kids 7 years apart? So as soon as your first starts becoming independent, you're going to get bogged down with a newborn once again. And have to start all over.

  23. How many times is this going to be posted here?

  24. Not really that shocked. Men have been using pregnancy to control women for hundreds of years. Literally one of the millions of reasons why I'm never having children. Got my tubal ligation almost four years ago and I've never looked back.

  25. You should leave him. Unless you're okay with him cheating on you but I think you don't. Yes it's gonna suck big time to be a single (mom) all of a sudden but that's better than staying with someone who thinks it's okay to cheat because he gives you gifts in return.

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