1. Came across your post searching for what is happening to me. I’m not withdrawing but currently take 40mg and I have been twitching like crazy. Mostly my lips and tongue. Did you ever find anything to stop it?

  2. I’m not too scared of ALS anymore. At this point in time, without any progression, it’s highly unlikely. I was prescribed Cymbalta because of severe health anxiety along with panic attacks. I was first prescribed Sertraline but that was terrible!! So, it’s common for Cymbalta to cause muscle twitching, tension and a feeling of having been to the gym the day before?

  3. To answer first your last statement: yes that is all very common. All of it.

  4. Black Friday deals suck this year, but I will argue to the day I die that Madewell is one of the most quality brands there is. Their jeans are unmatched compared to ANY other brand.

  5. A New Hope is the only thing in the franchise that's been placed in Top 10 lists by the serious, academic-level film critics. Hell, it's been in the Sight & Sound all-time list alongside Kubrick, Fellini, Kurosawa...

  6. I see it as being because the effects difference (obviously the time period), and the acting style back then is very “cheesy” compared to today’s acting. It’s very theatrical, rather than serious and realistic. There’s terms for it I learned in classes in college but I can’t remember lol.

  7. Tales of the Jedi was pretty great though and all the Dooku scenes were so intriguing and hype. It was like condensed hype, but did so much.

  8. Andor is the best nerd-genre show since the earlier seasons of GoT IMO.,

  9. This is a great sales training video to work on spontaneous laughter

  10. Hmmm was very wrong about Syril. He really was just a simp all along.

  11. It’s either her husband or her daughter. She made the right choice.

  12. Yup, I am. I actually think she’s not a bad person. I think she’s smart enough to play her cards right, but seems to also have a moral compass.

  13. It’s a fictional show taking place during a time of a totalitarian government in-which a highly ranked and wealthy political figure is trying to support a rebellion, and forced to do so via mafia type dealings. An arranged marriage is not the worst scenario that could have happened- especially an arranged marriage in a culture where that’s common and the daughter personally loves that old culture.

  14. “Should have just sworn to the Empire and played good Nazi”

  15. Hmmm did you read the first part? Throwing a rebellion isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

  16. Two years ago she won by 25000+ votes, this time she won by 500. I’ve literally not seen anyone saying they were sure she lost, I’ve seen tons of people saying she wildly underperformed, which she did.

  17. Am I the only one who thinks Gandalf? I mean how many people, LOTR fans or not, repeat/remember the lines “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” and “Fly you fools!”

  18. The sequels are absolute hot garbage. JJ Abrams sucks. They didn’t plan the entire thing out. They started with a rehash of ANH. The characters had no depth. Snoke was pointless. Luke’s entire character was trashed. It reversed all meaning from the original 6 movies. None of any of it made any sense story wise. It was all just so, so bad.

  19. I think I just read the worst Sequel take imaginable

  20. Andor is some of the best Star Wars there has been in a very long time.

  21. It is better than Hot D, the Andor writers would never do anything anywhere near as daft as the end of episode 9 of Hot D.

  22. The way I did this was during the On the Road chapter. The first chapters the Cult was mostly a mystery, and actually seemed like a chill group based on my players positive encounter with the Cult in the prior Lost Mines campaign.

  23. Portia is kind of getting on my nerves with her existential crisis bullshit, and Albie can’t see how blatantly not attracted she is to him.

  24. It's good that Ethan didn't have sex with Mia but still, he kissed her. I've lost some respect.

  25. She kissed him and then he stopped her. I honestly have more respect for him, especially because he was on molly and still rejected it.

  26. The writers were mentees of Abrams, the biggest industry hack who can’t write a decent story from start to finish if his life depended on it.

  27. Remember back to seasons four through seven of Game of Thrones? Remember those crowds of morons who would watch the show in bars, cheer for every battle or sex scene, and didn't know the names of any characters except Tyrion, Jon, and Khaleesi?

  28. I agree, however I think they’re looking for continuity within the universe they have.

  29. A gay relationship. Always been kind of attracted to men so went out on a couple dates with men that were so so. Finally hit it off with a guy, tried sexual stuff and I was immediately not into it. Turns out I like looking at good looking men and it stops there. It was weird.

  30. Same experience here. Couldn’t get it up, tried multiple times. It’s weird because I feel like I’m attracted to good looking guys. But sexually didn’t get that spark like I do with women.

  31. Pretty sure Luthen’s gonna die before it gets too far. I sadly don’t think he’s making it out if this season. Maybe the season but not the series

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