1. These are adorable. I might need to contact the artist too

  2. I highly recommend, they're only $5 each and she's extremely versatile.

  3. Of course it is, after all, Blucher doesn't wear a hat, and the first 2 images are.

  4. Those are indeed, both Hipper. I wanted one showing her acting tsundere and another eventually giving in and enjoying the pats.

  5. How familiar are you with sunk cost fallacies?

  6. Don't worry, I'm sure they're nice. 👌👀

  7. The sleeping immediately after for 8-12 hours

  8. I imagine the grand wizard would be a bard that buffs whites and debuffs everyone else.

  9. Do you think sex robots would have people arrested for rape if they gained sentience?

  10. I'd buy a ticket to the next city over, land, rent a cheap car then drive back home and put the rest into my bank account.

  11. Equip every student and faculty member with mandatory juggernaut armour

  12. Being the one out of millions of sperm to make it to the egg

  13. I was thinking the nice Chinese man really knew how to give a good massage.

  14. Don't worry, you can tell me where you hid the bodies.

  15. Never played it but I’m always curious when I see it on Game Pass

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