1. This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

  2. It's only France if it comes from the French region of Europe. Otherwise, it's just sparkling Western Europe.

  3. I was the precum leaking from the gargantuant cock caused by all the talk about forced transition.

  4. In a legitmate assault, the body has a way of fighting back and shutting down the assault.

  5. The "joke" is that sugartits is technically gender neutral and that if a person has breasts, they would obviously be a female, so no need to wonder what their pronouns could be. The second half of the comic is kind of unnecessary and honestly weakens the comic as a whole considering the point he was trying to make. It's a shame since I actually like the artstyle.

  6. Bunch of lame ass racists in here. Just about every "joke" on here is what I would expect to hear from edgy sheltered 14-year olds and brain-dead boomers.

  7. Believe it or not, many decades ago, as far back as 2010 it was basic knowledge by many that you could not change your gender.

  8. Good god this is the lamest fucking argument I've ever read. You're both losers.

  9. Being a boomer comic illustrator must be the easiest job in the world. People really do just eat this shit up, huh?

  10. Honestly we should just let AI take over that job. Not one of them would ever notice the difference.

  11. No, leave the gators alone. It's time for all those pythons to earn their keep and get rid of much worse invasive species.

  12. Inb4 right-wing nutjobs firebomb the place and then congratulate each other for another succesful "boycott".

  13. As someone that has been living in TX now for aboht 5 yrs... Yes, there's 2nd or 3rd gen Latino people here who hate Latino people and other color folks. Just sad to see.

  14. Overprivileged morons. They've had time to enjoy being in the US and believe that they somehow earned being better than where they came from. I see it a lot in jokes about when you visit your rancho, but it's sickening when you're actually working against your own kind. I like to believe its not 100% a race thing; those people who vote or support people like Trump are just idiots who would happily vote for the worst most corrupted official if they were still in their own country.

  15. I like that the guy in the meme is sticking his butt up in the air like a good submissive bottom.

  16. My favorite conservative bit is when they mistake their own tech incompetence for the NWO trying to silence them

  17. Like, the person who made the original post asked “What was the ‘big incident’ at your High school?” and this was one of the replies

  18. It's still tangentially related though. Even so, I'm going to upvote this and then steal it so I can post it on

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