1. This just in - whoever’s side your on is winning the war. More details at 11….

  2. Now,I seriously doubt that Russia is plundering gold for the war effort.I do believe that they are plundering the gold for personal gain,any gold they steal will end up in the pockets of individuals.

  3. They’re probably using the gold to prop up their new dollar

  4. I've learned to not take camp as much of an indicator of on field performance. Lest we forget Nathan "Camp God" Peter Man

  5. Rob Jonson, best Bills scrimmage QB in history, most accurate passes when in practise

  6. What about the human suffering from climate change? Fuck the National Post and there Fox style reporting of ‘news’

  7. Who’s been suffering under climate change exactly? The entire population of the planet is way better off than we were last century. The overall mortality rates have shot way down and lifespan expectancy has gone up.

  8. It’s exceptionally easy to find. It’s pathetic that it even needs to be stated.

  9. You’re gonna have to pull out a statistic way better than that. Thousands more people died in heat waves way back in 1936.

  10. They’re less like “rights” and more like “privileges” nowadays aren’t they?

  11. Bingo. The federal government just announced their buyback price list for their gun ban and after admin and resource fees it will be north of a billion dollars. Imagine what we could do with that money instead of giving it to upper middle class people that don't need or want it in the first place.

  12. C-9 / M-249 with laser sight, laser rangefinder, night vision monocle, thermal monocle, grenade launcher over 420 fps crossbow and franchi shotgun upgrade.

  13. Yes, if you get caught. Mask doesn't really do anything. Just lowers your bounty a bit when you're caught.

  14. Pretty sure wearing a mask during the crime then running away and changing not a completely different outfit dramatically lowers the time they search for you and once the search s over there’s no bounty.

  15. I just did a check on the buyer, I really think it would be safer to leave these guns in the hands of current owners, because none of them admit or are guilty of a genocide. Nor are they the ones currently gaslighting.

  16. Sure it is. You guys manage to blame Trudeau for everything. You guys are unhinged. Maybe I should start blaming Trudeau for the ten lbs I put on this year.

  17. There weren’t any lockdowns outside Quebec

  18. Not necessarily. The government enacts the laws that police uphold and enforce. The government doesn't specifically direct police to target the homeless population, fore example.

  19. Aren’t the RCMP directed to remove the homeless from downtown Edmonton as we speak? Aren’t they being directed to break up logging protests in BC as we speak?

  20. You forgot to mention it only applies to regular folks. The elites won’t stop flying, cruising or driving. Politicians, corporates, celebrities and the wealthy will never stop travelling for the climate - that’s only for peasants.

  21. Then fuck off. What kind of dedication to the party does it show when someone goes "Either I win, or I'm gone." Then leave if you're just going to be selfish and abandon it if they won't make you leader. That's not the kind of person the party needs in the first place.

  22. It’s Charest, he’ll go wherever his handlers figure he’ll be most useful. He’s conservative then liberal then conservative again

  23. It was illegal to hunt with an AR15, even before the ban.

  24. Fun fact (or not so fun fact): After defeating the French and occupying Lousibourg on Cape-Breton Island (the former French Colony of Ile-Royale, which included today's Cape Breton and PEI), the victorious British were concerned that the French could retake their newly-lost fortified city. Therefore, to prevent the French from reconquering it and regaining a foothold in that region of North America (which could have prevented the British from taking Quebec city a couple years later), the British disassembled the might city of Louisbourg brick by brick (then one of the largest settlements in North America), and transported every brick south to the build the city of Halifax with the bricks - firmly in lands controlled by the British.

  25. Are their any currently standing buildings in Halifax with known bricks from Louisberg ?

  26. I’d imagine much of the stone was used in Halifax Citadel, Halifax Harbourfront buildings (where the stonework is quite similar) and fortifications of George’s Island (where my ancestors were held as prisoners of war).

  27. Fun fact 2: the French officers and architects considered the fortress “indestructible” and ignored the defence of swampy lands near the fortress declaring no one would ever attack the fortress through such horrible terrain.

  28. Exactly this 100%!!!! Re-nationalise Petro-Can and keep these fuel costs regulated like they did up to pre-2004

  29. My wife cancelled her flights to New York and drove. She said it was best decision she ever made - hassle free border crossing, cost roughly the same and took about same amount of time with all the delays at airports

  30. Knowing the carriers they’d re-route you from Billy Bishop to Pearson anyway.

  31. I didn’t say anything other than they were phased out by the Supreme Court. You’re gripe is with the other poster.

  32. Minimum doesn't restrict maximum. (insert facepalm gif)

  33. Wtf are you gripping to me for? Buddy said there should be mandatory minimums and I said they got rid of them.

  34. The solution here in order to gain attention is for Guilbeault to chain himself to the locomotive.

  35. I 100% support this.In the name of climate change this criminal must strap on

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