1. Happened when my bf tried to gift me dead by daylight :,,,)

  2. Is this the Russian "Popeye"? He had reduction surgery in 2021.

  3. Here in the russian community we just call him “Bazooka arms” lmao

  4. Ok, hear me out… I know I stumbled upon this like a year late but it’s still precious x’D

  5. Nah I’d fucking crumble if I were to attempt that

  6. You just watched two friends having fun

  7. (However I wouldn’t recommend inhaling fuckin coal dust lmao)

  8. Not really a game but I have an app called #selfcare it’s free and no ads

  9. Ooooh thanks for reminding me that it exists! Such a good app

  10. OneShot, Undertale, Hades, Furi, Portal, Little Nightmares, Amnesia, We Were Here, Cry of Fear, Icey, Left 4 Dead, Gauntlet, Helltaker, Hotline Miami, Ultrakill, Ruiner, Killing Floor

  11. I’d be embarrassed to be one of these nine people lol

  12. бро, в Украине нет света поэтому надо доучивать в выходные

  13. Very good color choice! I’m inspired to draw now, big thanks m8 :D

  14. Hey guys, did you know, that in terms of defense-based classes, Engineer is the most optimal for area denial?

  15. I wish I could give you a platinum or some shit, you made me wheeze so bad

  16. Even if it was a yawn, what a weird thing to get so rude over wtf

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