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  1. That is most likely disease and the responsible thing would be to get it tested and not sell until then.

  2. There is no project management. It’s all decentralized by department and no single person to own it

  3. Sore at losing at a pretend game. What would they do if they lost at something important??

  4. What you value as important differs from person to person. This seems extremely narrow minded to say.

  5. I guess I’m just waiting for Biden to try to end democracy like trump did, or sell our nuclear secrets to our enemies before I say BoTh SiDeS

  6. You mean like Hillary and her massive email leak? Or do you pick and choose what extreme stories you choose to believe? We know Biden isn’t selling secrets, he can’t even remember what he ate yesterday, he is just a pawn to the 0.01% and other corrupt politicians.

  7. I don’t have to wonder why trump didn’t lock up Hilary. She didn’t commit a crime. The Republican led FBI cleared her of committing a crime in a nationally televised news conference.

  8. Now you are just making shit up. You really can’t help someone who is so far gone believing their political party is somehow magically better than the other 😂 GL with your delusions my guy

  9. If you're in the US that's illegal and you can report it to the housing authority. Although I would work on moving anyway because the landlord is always going to be a prick and a headache to deal with. They likely will retaliate. Still report it regardless.

  10. I would go the route of looking up my states landlord/tenant laws and follow the steps necessary to take him to small claims court. Many of these laws dictate that they will have to pay you x amount rent, damages, etc which will be helpful when you need to relocate due to health hazards of mold.

  11. Honestly this is mildly satisfying to me. Yes, you made me bleed, but now you’re dead.

  12. Don’t be such a baby. Grass looks nice. What would you prefer, that he leaves that out in the parking lot for a car to potentially hit?

  13. Considering this was yanked of fb, and the picture-taker has a plate food just chilling on the side of the couch next to them, it’s likely they’re complicit in making the mess and just expecting their partner to pick it up. I work hours too, and still pick shit up. Women don’t exist to clean and feed people (the lady in the pic is probably messy too, obviously. this isn’t a defense of that but more of a critique of not just doing it themselves)

  14. Yea but if he works and she don’t, you gotta pull your own weight. Shouldn’t be a free ride anywhere. Can’t imagine being ok with someone completely taking care of me and not doing anything in return.

  15. Straight isn’t cool right now. Once being straight is in again, I’ll switch back!

  16. Furry seems fine. Maybe it’s part of a larger suit or something but doesn’t seem to be advocating for anything sexual so would be a fine photo op for a kid IMO.

  17. I just wouldn’t take my kids to pride if I had them because I hate pride events. As a gay furry. I feel like I’m being used more as an advertisement and I constantly get pressured into hive mind when in large groups of similar ideologies. It usually makes me feel worse about myself than better.

  18. Sorry to say but you are just an advertising point to large companies. Once you aren’t the sensation anymore you’ll be disregarded by them all. This is the way of sensationalism America

  19. How do you do this? Mine is stuck, won't grow any new leaves, it looks good but is not growing :(

  20. It’s like thrift shopping, or estate sale hunting. The thrill in finding a rarity.

  21. It’s like thrift shopping, or estate sale hunting. The thrill in finding a rarity.

  22. Is he still afraid of his dad or something? Have your husband clean up after his own dad then.

  23. it’s not really, the rest is her and my brother conversing, and ranting about the cat, and i also didn’t include it because she misspelled multiple thing and it even took me awhile to understand.

  24. Her statement here just sounds like she had her last straw. Like the cat was finally enough for her that she just couldn’t take it anymore and she is done.

  25. Too much moisture. These type of plants really do well drying out more, that is why most real enthusiasts will put them in a hanging basket. Soil is not an ideal substrate since these grow on trees and will hang down. So they are growing on leaf litter/trunk/moss. Those plastic pots suck. If you wanted to keep it in a pot I would keep it in a terra orchid pot to really let it breath and again dry out. The giveaway here of too much moisture is the green roots.

  26. I don’t like water prop but plants can sometimes struggle transition roots over to different media. I would just let it get a few more roots before switching it up in case you lose some

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