What if Horizon Zero Dawn was made in 1996?

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  1. Dude what is WITH that?? My friend also sent their horse off to a "trainer" and he came back with no muscle and had lost a ton of weight. Wtf is wrong with ppl???

  2. Everything modelled, rendered, and textured by me in Blender.

  3. It does look tight. However, you have to take.into account that the horses mouth is open. You can see their tongue sticking out. Some horses play a LOT with the bit and while I personally think this kind of bridle is ugly and I don't like the band to keep the mouth shut it helps them in sport or performance to keep that bit engaged as much as possible. So, while it may be an okay fit and not tight, you can't tell unless the horse has closed it's mouth and stops playing. You're supposed to have just enough space for them to open it a little so with that tongue out I can see it looking or seeming very tight like it looks in this picture.

  4. Is it his tongue I thought it was a rubber bit guard guess it doesn’t matter he is still messing with it.

  5. Oh yeah I suppose it could be! Yeah it's either the tongue or the bit guard which looks like he's devoured the top of it maybe that's why he looks like he's struggling a lot too. Too tight and bit guard up in his chops lol

  6. So the very next day the school was up and functioning like three ppl didn't just get murdered in a brutal attack up in there. Yeah, okay. Must be one of those mentally ill RP servers for fiction writing bullshit. Ppl are sick.

  7. So, I take it you're not on HRT yet or are still new. That's how I feel about it ATM. I have been waiting months for my first appointment for HRT, since then it's kind of rough not being able to pass while still affirming you're trans. It's rough now, but just because you don't LOOK the gender you are inside doesn't mean you aren't deserving of love.

  8. Oh man you bet your ass I am like this too. Anytime someone acts rude I love to butt in and tell them off. People really be out here enjoying their free time eating foryo in a bad mood for the fuck of it and picking fights with children wtf. Get the hell out of here old man.

  9. Your best option is downloading an EPS vector. You can also go on Etsy and buy the EPS and if you contact the artist they may be able to convert for a few bucks more.

  10. I always found it strange how JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE GAY people feel like suddenly you're a sexual predictor or wanna bang everyone and anyone the same gender as you. This is most common for cis men to interprate. Like, we are still people and just because we are happy and kind doesn't mean we're flirting or wanna get into their pants. But some people are just homophobic.

  11. Not me, but a patient I had when I was a nurse. Dude took 3 shots - 2 to the chest and one in the abdomen. He said it happened at a bonfire when some random dude opened fire because he was mad that his girlfriend went to the bonfire or something. I asked him how it felt and he said at first, it felt like he was punched by very tiny fists that were on fire (pain meds made him hilarious with his descriptions). He didn't realize he was even shot until someone told him he was bleeding everywhere. Two of the bullets were through and through and he had to have exploratory surgery to remove the third bullet, which miraculously missed every major organ. He didn't really feel any pain until he woke up from surgery.

  12. No. Beginners should def Not have their first horse be A BABY let alone lame. This is far too challenging for a newbie and would even be a handful for someone who knows horses and was able to manage them well with their knowledge even hiring specialists and others to help aid and give as much treatment as needed. Do NOT put yourself with this horse. It's not a pitty, he needs far too much and you need a simple broken in horse to casually ride no less or more.

  13. Meh. When you've been a discord mod for several years you just get good at this. I got to the point I rarely typed in single words you have to be more specific and it's quite useful once you actually hit a phrase you believe it was and even if you remember the exact place or who said it you can really narrow it down with those too

  14. First if all, we don't need more humans in this world. We already can't take care of the ones that are here!!

  15. When I hit the beach side I smell that salty beach air and I just 🌞☺️😌🧘‍♂️

  16. Wow y'all had a terrible experience. I had retail experience when I joined up so I picked up on everything quickly and was never treated like trash.

  17. Oh gee, what a shock, yet another server turning a blind eye to a child predator.

  18. I remember the rush of admitting this to myself, and the tears that soon followed. The best of luck in becoming you!

  19. Those freeing tears...those blessed stopping the lies to yourself tears.... Yes... I remember those too... <3

  20. Um yeah...it IS a choice... But the choice isn't a take or leave choice it's a I'm not gunna sit here and be something I'm not just to please others with what they believe I should be or what I should do or behave. It's a choice to take a stand and be all you can be as a person and take those steps to change your entire chemistry just to feel an ounce of happiness. Seems like people have a hard time understanding that the choice isn't the swap, it's the choice to not settle for anything less than who we are and that is the BIG difference.

  21. My patient cried and said "there's nobody on this planet who loves me anymore". I cried when I left because I knew she was right. For context: she was 95, her husband and son had died, she had a personality disorder that made her behaviour unbearable for her environment after her husband died and every person still in her life were paid for to be around her. She died a few months after this conversation.

  22. Okay this one killed me. No more this thread I can't. Fans eyes

  23. Part your hair a good bit off from center and see which way your hair falls better in which way. Left or right.

  24. Not with that beautiful big ol rock on top keeping it ever so snuggly in place lol

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