1. At 1 P.M., regular as clockwork, the staticky buzzing white noise of the radio was replaced by a quirky bopping intro tune. As it faded out, a voice faded in.

  2. “And he said ‘I could eat a horse!’ I looked at him real good and said ‘that’s no way to talk about your wife.’”

  3. Sagas have a Replacement effect that cause them to enter with one Lore Counter.

  4. Would I add a counter the turn after I get rid off Vorinclex?

  5. It resolves but gets no counters. It does nothing.

  6. So would it activate and add a counter on my next draw step after Vorinclex has been removed from the game?

  7. okay that's an awesome idea, might just do this myself as well

  8. I hate how much this makes me want to collect imperial fists

  9. update: I did it! With a combination of Heat Gun and Chisel. Thanks ya all!

  10. Are you planning on putting them back on? That makes a big difference in the method.

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