1. A must stop for something traditional is a visit to Ye Olde Weatherspoons in Slough.

  2. Please don't disappoint yourself. Apart from the Outlet shopping centre there really is nothing for you to see here. Better off going to see the Roman baths in Bath, the next stop on the train.

  3. This game could have had a 5 year run if they allowed modding from the start. Just look at how long we all played L4D2.

  4. From what our CF clinic has told us, humidifiers are breeding grounds for bacteria. They said it is not safe to have a humidifier running in the home for any period of time.

  5. no problem! I have CF but we primary got these for our babies rooms. the filter lasts about a month but I have never seen mold or anything growing in it anywhere other than the filter itself getting mucky. it keeps the kids 12x12 rooms above 50% humidity when the rest of the house gets in the low 30s during the winter.

  6. Just a heads up, I have been told by a remediation specialist that anything over 45-50% relative humidity in the winter can lead to mold over time.

  7. Do you want or not want palm swells like factory? VZ and LOK both remove the palm swell. I personally find even the aggressive VZ Operator II texture to be fine for carry. However, their Frag is pretty dang smooth on the skin. I carried both textures for a few years.

  8. I've tried thin, direct replacement, and thicker palm swell and the thicker palm swell feels best for my hands.

  9. Oh man, wider than factory, that may be hard. Idk how big VZ's palm swell ones are. I got really small hands for a guy, so I go for the ones without a swell. Maybe try asking in

  10. What vertical are you in? OTE over 200 is pretty common in Cyber. 80 hours a week is pretty dang high at least from my experience as an SE.

  11. What region are you in? I've noticed in my region cyber is getting between 130-160.

  12. There are two state forest shooting areas but they're really sketchy if other people are there.

  13. I'm familiar with the various state forest spots, definitely hit or miss.

  14. Thursdays (except for the 4th Thursday of the month) are open to the public so that's why I go so often.

  15. It’s the ammo. Just went to the range last night. I had Fiocchi 115gr shooting sparks too. Faster I shot, the more sparks came out. Most likely it’s gunpowder residue left behind. Then I shot some “hot” Winchester ACTIVE DUTY ammo, no sparks.

  16. Do you think it means incomplete combustion or its way too hot and is unsafe?

  17. It’s leftover unburned powder. Won’t hurt gun. Really common when shooting steel case ammo too

  18. Unfortunately the midwest suffers the same issues the rest of the states have. Mainly that everyone wants to talk politics and instead of working on drills.

  19. Depends where you are I guess. But, yeah, it is going to get political.

  20. Do you notice any downsides with the grip while carrying?

  21. You're fuckin killin me. I haven't worn anything else in a decade.

  22. I should note, the brand Onitsuka Tiger is not going anywhere. But the Ultimate 81, their most popular and iconic shoe, is being discontinued.

  23. Their Onisuka Tigers are seriously some of the most comfy shoes I've ever had. I wore a pair almost all the time for misc stuff and they also held up for much longer than I expected.

  24. I'm sorry to tell you but they discontinued the tigers a few years back. I picked up one final pair on ebay, but the only ones left are scalpers.

  25. We updated and found the same issues. Support was no help.

  26. The first question you need to ask is what is your target demographic. Then build a site that gives that demographic what they want.

  27. We’ve known people can spread COVID since the beginning despite being vaccinated.

  28. I agree. One thing that I have not heard from those who refuse the vaccine is a reasonable alternative to reduce the strain on the Healthcare system.

  29. I dont like this take- it's too pessimistic and paints folks who have their own concerns as selfish - when in reality, since everyone, vaccinated or not can spread COVID, they're essentially stating that they'd rather take the risk of getting and suffering from covid, rather than getting vaccinated for it.

  30. I'm sorry, I did not mean that all people who refuse the vaccine are selfish. Rather, I meant to say that we americans often do not take the position to help the greater good and we prioritize individual rights above all else, even when it hurts others. We do a lot of things right like donating and volunteering, but only when it serves us and does not inconvenience our lives.

  31. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't pausing feature and quality updates still allow cumulative and security updates to be deployed?

  32. A Feature Update is the annual (formerly biannual) "upgrade", like 21H1 -> 21H2. The quality updates are the cumulative monthly patches. Individual "security only" updates can only be deployed via WSUS. Make sense? WUFB has the capability of "delaying" updates, but it's done through GPO and I don't trust MS, so I'm still deploying manually via WSUS.

  33. Makes sense. So they follow the mantra of their other products.

  34. yeah everything you stated above happening to me too since the first day the patch released and right fking now i cannot sign into the game online.....

  35. The map that has the worst lag is herold of the worm 2. Things are warping all over the place!

  36. We had exactly these issues happen with a client and a Dell Compellent storage array a few years back. It went so badly we basically haven't recommended Dell storage solutions since then.

  37. You got my hopes up. I thought you had a simple solution that solved all their problems...

  38. Say what you will about Dell, but my team and I got a go to a nice asian restaurant Wednesday where we had a fuckton of food and Sapporo all on their dime. Needless to say productivity when we got back was.....umm. Acceptable.

  39. Super jelly. Our Dell team of 13 years was reassigned and we have all new faces.

  40. Why you wouldn't do NetApp is beyond me. It is the jack of all trades. In your environment it would be perfect. Just get their cheap All flash array. Super easy to use.

  41. Thanks! The NetApp rep finally called me back. In interested to see how they compare.

  42. Maybe NetApp E-Series? Sounds like you're expecting SSD backend with those kind of performance numbers, but it can hit with HDDs. It's honestly one of the fastest storage solutions out there. It is barebones, but you get good performance.

  43. I'll look into those. Just waiting for CDW to put a meeting together with NetApp... I definitely wont wait forever...

  44. Does it, though? Does "we implemented MFA in a broken way that we knew didn't add any protection, then ticked the box on the application that says we have MFA" do you any good? Or in a ransomware situation is the DFIR team that your insurer hires going to report that you didn't have functioning MFA and give the insurer grounds to deny your claim?

  45. I'd argue that it does provide protection. That enabling MFA provides far more protection than not.

  46. If putting MFA on 1 of the 7 ways of doing things on that server, when the MFA only works if you connect a certain way counts as "doing MFA", then sure. But I'd suggest that your insurer might disagree with you on that definition, and if they use that to deny a claim then you're in a lot of trouble.

  47. We have been able to force every RDS feature to use MFA but one. That's why I made this thread. So far it's pretty sweet and easy to set up.

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