1. Runway 16/34 is only used a handful of times a year.

  2. Enjoyed a 16 arrival yesterday for the first time in about 250 landings - exciting in a fully loaded 737 with the reverse thrusters going for it!

  3. The only culture you’ll find in Mallow is between peoples toes and in the butter factory. Your romanticised view of rural Cork may disappoint you - there’s no “vibe”, it’s a rural farming town with very little happening for tourists.

  4. 🤣 crackers! They made him walk from London

  5. Usually the type of ones who go on holiday and get annoyed that not everyone speaks english and sells fry ups.

  6. I sold to a “first time buyer” recently. It was actually a serial HMO landlord using his 22 year old daughter as a front. Turned our beautiful 4 bed family home into a 7 bed HMO.

  7. Happens all the time, they used the Mobility App on their smartphones and dont issue physical tickets. Arrives as a FPN in the post.

  8. My mum thought the shampoo “Fructis” was Spanish for “Fuck this” and boycotted it

  9. I love this so much. Has she stuck by her guns?

  10. Exactly. My personal philosophy is "if its between you and the ground ( or weather for that matter) spend big" because you'll use it everyday and want it to last a while.

  11. Higher proportion of knuckledragging chavs. You know the sort….call their kids Shayden, Kayden, Kai, Oakley etc. Drive a fucked BMW and have a rancid Staffie called Tyson.

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