1. Sorry completely missed that! South Georgia on November 7th

  2. I thought I was adventurous going to the Arctic in Alaska and a few other out of the way places there! Your trip must have been incredible.

  3. To be honest, compared to Svalbard where I went in winter 2019, South Georgia and Antarctica felt more “managed”. The arctic felt much more wild and extreme!

  4. They beauty of the 100-400mm with a 1.4x attached to it!

  5. It looks mildly insulted at the existence of the photographer

  6. And you haven’t seen how judgmental the parent looked!

  7. Had been trying to take a photo of both species for days! One lucky windy sea day, as I was tracking the blue petrel, an Antarctic prion happened to be on the same focus plane at the right time. Happy me!

  8. Ah, i so want to see these birds some day--i might, since they very occasionally get spotted off of Rakiura or Kaikōura in Aotearoa, but maybe it will have to wait until a cruise with Heritage Expeditions or a research position or something....

  9. Got so excited at the first sighting! Then you get closer to nesting sites and they are absolutely everywhere. That’s when you put the camera aside and just take it in

  10. Just scrolled through your profile, you got some awesome photos on that trip. I'm a bit jealous!

  11. Thank you! Plenty more birds to come, I didn’t know where to point the lens!

  12. Canon R3 using a 500mm lens with a 1.4x extender. A challenge on a moving ship!

  13. No wonder they are completely Waterproof!

  14. You went to South Georgia Island? That is so cool, I would love to hear more about it!

  15. Yes as part of a long trip down to the peninsula! Went via Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia (a couple of days), and the Antarctic Peninsula. Any questions welcome!

  16. That doesn’t sound right, but I do t know enough about elephant seals to refute that. The pebbles cover such small area that it might as well be pasties over nipples and say it’s not nudity.

  17. They usually do it with sand but on this particular bay it’s only pebbles! So they make do, even though it’s not particularly effective

  18. Genuinely confused... Why is it called the blue color morph?

  19. Because the blue gene is more dominant to the white gene which makes them that colour!

  20. Got stuck in Shetland due to bad weather/high winds so the whole crew went to the pub, someone left the door open and all the sheep in Shetland sheltered from the wind in the hotel rooms. Shit everywhere with a drunk oil rig crew, what a fucking mess in the morning.

  21. I cannot wait to visit Shetland! That must have been a hell of a party

  22. I have lost track of the number of times I muttered to myself “how did you get here” whilst hiking on Harris when seeing sheep in the most awkward places

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