What are some disadvantages of being a man?

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  1. Fox Observatory at Markham Park used to do a stargazing monthly, I think it was something like the first Saturday of each month - it was very cool, and they have some killer telescopes to use. You may want to check if they’re still doing this.

  2. Couldn’t find info on if they’re still doing that. Anywhere i should specifically look?

  3. Anything that can point having it as a moisture barrier might be the reason. Either keeping it in or out.

  4. WTF are people still talking about this? It’s well known Musks tunnel was a scam to keep govt funding away from high speed rails.

  5. He's smart and can read data and analyze patterns in the cycles of the market. When he called the top everyone that was already in profit should have sold for gains... Instead they were told by every "influencer" that BTC was going to $100k... So they got left holding bags. While he sold the top and buys Gucci during bear market... Learn from the man!🧠

  6. The problem with this is that saying “it fell out of the parabola” is not calling the top.

  7. Pretty sure the tweet he refers to as "calling the top" is the one where he mentions that btc fell out of the parabola.

  8. I wouldn’t recommend waiting longer for females. I had a female dog and we were under that assumption as well until she started getting infections in her nipples and other lady parts. Once she got spayed, it was fine. Our vet recommended we get our bernadoodle when she was six months and that’s what we did.

  9. Same…trying to avoid cancer in her mammary glands down the line.

  10. About to take mine to a trip with snow. Do they need protection on their paws in any way? First time taking her with me to see snow.

  11. This is my biggest fear. So I only run it when dog's in the crate or when I take her with me....although she's entirely house trained.

  12. Long time hex holder here, and pulse/x sacrificer…

  13. Well, one tells jokes. The other one is a joke... and before anyone loses their shit i ALSO have a bag.

  14. Hoa's aren't scams. I understand why people hate them (because you have to pay monthly to contribute to communal areas) but otherwise you'd be living like in any third world country that has mismatched structures/additions/people doing mechanics repairs rightoutside)

  15. Most people that haven’t looked at their HOAs budget, the majority of goes to salaries. If you’re in a high rise, insurance is the pricy thing specially after that building collapsed near the beach.

  16. why did they get rid of the arched entrances, epic fail bro, epic fail.

  17. Turned it into an efficiency. Recession is here guys!

  18. Can't tell if it's pumping because its dropped so much more than others or not.

  19. Cheaper than going through the death penalty process

  20. Why do I keep reading this? How is it more expensive to apply a lethal injection and incinerate a body? Or what am I missing?

  21. Death row costs more per head, endless appeals with higher paid legal teams which can take decades. I had an article earlier which breaks it down, I'll find it when I get home if you like.

  22. Ah. Yeah that’d be great. Would love to read it.

  23. Tried, no effect.. Apparently our farts are pollutant free, and smell like roses.

  24. Yo I'm going to need an update on this. Did you get better farts to test this with or whats up?

  25. If you do this, plan for heat and sun wearing them down. So make sure you take forms of hydration with you.

  26. Whenever my gf and I are out and she farts, no matter how loud or soft or rank or smelly, people ALWAYS assume it was me. I get the nastiest looks from people. Worst part is she makes us eat mexican food on purpose just to do it to me.

  27. “They’re spores!” Let me take a deep whiff!

  28. Installing ceiling fans were the worst. I had to hold a 25 pound fan over my head for 45 minutes while he (my dad) connected the cables and yelled at me.

  29. Jet is a chocolate candy bar in Colombia.

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