1. Urban Body Jewelry has some affordable stuff! I bought a really cute tiger eye circular barbell and a wooden septum tusk. There’s lots of reviews on different pieces and they’re usually under $15 (the surgical steel ones at least). I think the really good quality ones (like titanium) are between $30-$100. So not bad imho

  2. When I was younger, I was much more “White passing” than I am today, so a lot of people assumed I wasn’t Native and would always talk shit, calling my people drunks and addicts.

  3. Jeremy at 46 and 2 has a get what you get vending machine! :)

  4. Could you share the pattern? I love ghostface and would love to try this as well. Love them, great job!

  5. I did use a pattern for these, but I’m a beginner so I’m still proud of them!

  6. I work with grants for a environmental and agricultural nonprofit :)

  7. Ahhh I wanna hang this up in my home that’s dope af

  8. Hah, that's awesome. I made this just last night but if anything like that comes to fruition, I'll let you know :)

  9. Hey if you do end up making this a flag or print, I would love to buy it!

  10. Congratulations OP! You must be so happy!! Once I get top surgery (I’m also non-binary), I don’t want nipples either!

  11. Capitalism is a plague, but this does feel weird if the group is mostly White. If Indigenous speakers are leading the conversation, they got permission/ hired an artist to do the graphic, etc, then I don’t see too much of an issue. I would be very interested to hear about socialism from an Indigenous perspective. But if they have no Indigenous people speaking about it…. Then that’s not ok. I’m so exhausted hearing from white saviors lol

  12. So the short answer is that you’re allowed to call yourself whatever you want! If you prefer “Native American”, then use that. ☺️

  13. I wear a lot of button down shirts with a few buttons open (plaid, white, pinstripe, Hawaiian, patterned, lots of options) and high waisted wide leg pants. I really like the garbage style waist. You can pair it with a belt as well! If u wants something slightly fem, you can get a skinnier belt. I loooove wide leg pants, they give me a lot of gender euphoria! If you want to present a bit more fem, focus on cinching the waist (this is where the high waisted pants + belt comes in)

  14. I am so sorry for your loss. That is really devastating and my heart hurts for you. Please don’t feel guilty, especially about your anger. Feel what ever you need to feel.

  15. I gave up. I really wanted to the skin, but it became so tedious…. I don’t know, I’m not motivated if gaming feels like a chore lol! I prefer the Reincarnation Tower. Much more fun imho!

  16. If I may offer a few options where you might meet other queer folks;

  17. Thank you! That’s really, really helpful advice! I have no idea why I didn’t think of an outdoors group here. There’s lots of lakes and trails so I’m sure I’ll be able to find something! I’ll try volunteering and going to the farmers market as well, that’s such a good idea!

  18. When I was a teenager, I wish my parents supported self expression, I definitely would have been a lot happier. Very wholesome, hope they had a good time together! I love it when parents want to bond with their kid!

  19. I have a nearly 5 month old mini Aussie and it absolutely infuriates me just IMAGINING someone having the audacity to ask how much he is and offer to buy him… what in the world?? I had no idea this was a common experience! The audacity!

  20. I didn’t realize it was so common either! I was only expecting a few comments lol!

  21. Omg yes! With 3 separate dogs. From puppies to adult dogs. I even had some guy ask if he could borrow my dog for 4hrs and he'd give him back. Which was he's response to me declining his $300 offer. Anytime it happens it's so freaking awkward..

  22. Borrow your dog? What does that even mean?? That's so weird!

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