1. Don't believe in these, but Sakota (Sam + Dakota) & Zoke should've never gotten together.

  2. Counter-disagree. He made her go crazy because he likes making her mad and doesn't respect her as a person. She became a worse person thanks to her relationship with him because she always ended up stressed out after dealing with him.

  3. Fair point. How I saw it was she became less stressed - as is they spent more time togethe, rather, than just 1 night she probably would've gained a balance - likewise with Duncan.

  4. When someone calls them out they say: "Not all men, but enough men for me to say so. If you have a problem, maybe think why."

  5. I'm a Rightist - so, you can kinda guess my opinion: Mentally ill, you can't change gender - they cause an issue too, we wouldn't have to have discussions on women's sports, if they just accepted they weren't women. Lastly, they make a mockery, and honestly offend me. I don't want men dressing up and going into a women summit, talking about being a woman like they now.

  6. No shit. Christmas is celebrating Jesus birthday, it is meant to be religious. Atheists don't even celebrate it for shit.

  7. As someone from the UK, there are a lot of Christians. Just not as much, as before. But, honestly, I'm not sure they're actually Christian, because, correct me if I'm wrong, you guys can't support LGBTQ+ or any of the woke things, right?

  8. I'm just saying, it'll be aired on CN - where kids mostly watch. If I saw I could be a woman to a man when I was younger, I'd be doing it everyday. And, we all know now-a-day leftist parents, they'll take it seriously - even when you want to be a whale.

  9. Oh my god do you have any actual feminist view points

  10. Yeah, I believe in equal rights? I'm a Conservative Feminist, so.. my views don't align with Modern day feminist.

  11. I did this when I was a centre-left and a hardcore modern day feminist - thank god I've changed.

  12. Don't worry I was also kind of like that too, until I noticed that something was kinda off with modern day feminism.

  13. I think it has deepr roots than a general human random failure, and it was determined to fail because the feminist theory was flawed from the start by not including a proper way to take away fro women, even form the very first day of the suffragettes, there was anever a serioues competent discussion on that.

  14. Make sense, however, I think my main issue is for what we are now and used to advocate for. 1-2 wave feminism advocated for actual equality. Now-a-days, they are advocating for killing a baby.

  15. Not all men are stronger than all women though. That’s what I’m saying. Even if men generally are stronger there are individual differences which men there are many male athletes that are weaker than many female athletes even if it’s a less common outcome. If all the levels are made up of people who are measured by skill and strength in similar ways to make a fair category it will likely still have some sex separation but it won’t be a firm line. Stressing the ALL men stronger than ALL women is when it becomes a problem.

  16. I said biologically they are - because, most are. Not all men are stronger than women, but enough are to split the categorises based on sex.

  17. Your premise is false. Gendered sports categories were created in order to ban women from public events (or because women were banned from them, chicken and egg). I believe the earliest known events with mens and womens categories were the ancient Olympics, where men competed in the real games and (young unmarried) women competed in a separate mini-games, the Heraen games.

  18. Gendered sports were to create a fair game. Even if they weren't made before for that reason, they stick on now.

  19. Heather - I love her in the show, but in real life I'd hate her.

  20. Modern feminism is very different from Consertives - I'm a Conservative myself.

  21. So your post complaining that there is a double standard where men aren’t allowed to have a child aborted is a disingenuous rant. You do not care if they have equal rights. You simply want to remove the right from women.

  22. As a woman, why would I want to remove my right? Even though I don't, using the excuse of, "you don't care about equal rights," doesn't and will not take away from the double standard shown. Being able to murder is and always will be far from a right.

  23. This is an incoherent argument. In your first sentence, you argue it is a right. In the third sentence, you argue that it is not. In the middle sentence, you throw in your chosen distraction topic.

  24. Nowhere did I say "it is a right" using the word right in the argument show that as a women, I wouldn't want to remove a right, hence to-fore it is not a right. You right now are throwing in a distraction topic, pretending that you know all about the structure of my argument.

  25. Mike was acting like a weirdo, plus we know Zoeys gullible anyways.

  26. BEST COUPLE IN THE SERIES - it's not even an opinion, it's a well stated fact.

  27. I mean, now-a-days with hook-up culture. I'm not sure, while I do agree that it has more negative connotations if a woman does it. There will obviously be a good reason for that: Women can give birth, something a man cannot do. Saying they should be held at the same standard is acceptable in scenarios like this, however, I do think it just comes to the bottom line of : cheating is wrong, periodt. We shouldn't have any expectations on this matter, except for, "don't do it".

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