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  1. Reloading data for 410 buckshot is scarce at best, the shotshell manual i bought had nothing

  2. And the chances of you ever shooting again are scarce at best if your gun blows up in your face

  3. That's a turkey? It totally looks like a deer quartering away to me...

  4. You don’t shoot turkeys with slugs bud and most slug guns aren’t accurate enough to hit a turkey , especially a moving one at 200 yards

  5. I’m looking at one right now for 900, what’s a good price. I know condition, date and other factors matter, but what’s a good normal price ?

  6. War stuff happened and they died instead of me

  7. I believe that if people want to post their feet in their gun pics it’s their God given right to do so.

  8. I think he's staying both have shitty mods and toxic users.

  9. At that point they should just wait and release it for the PS69

  10. Build a replication of the Buffalo arms ammo manufacturing plant and then make it on an industrial level

  11. The swing hold out better than i expected though.

  12. Thanks for posting! Please be sure to read the rules, and make sure your post is not a repost of content from the past 30 days.

  13. Nome from my bp but one from a wild kingsnake that snuck into my parents' house!

  14. My man’s ass is built from water balloons.

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