1. I am in the same spot as you. I am in commercial insurance sales and cold calling/office visits are a must to generate any leads. I am an introvert, and really struggle with this activity. I wish I had some words of advice for you, but unfortunately I’m here for suggestions as well.

  2. How much commissions do you see in that? I used to do door to door telecom and that was pretty easy too

  3. Sell a $600 yearly pest control contract. $150 a quarter or something for pest control with a guarantee for a bug free home.

  4. I would recommend to call your insurance's nurse line, or speak with a medical professional on this. Concerta is a strong drug and you should take him to the doctor or at least talk to a medical professional to make sure everything is fine

  5. D2D gets a bad wrap because you guys think it works everywhere. Come to eastern Kentucky where houses are miles apart from each other, a good amount of them modular homes, and people don't take kindly to strangers near their property and show me D2D solar works.

  6. I did D2D pest control sales in Kentucky and it was great :). Sold D2D in many states and Kentucky was probably my favorite. Super kind people. Prefer Kentucky any day over California!

  7. Here’s a list of the 50 most dangerous cities worldwide

  8. Well I am from Southern California and I go to Tijuana often, never had any problems there but crazy they are #1 on the list!

  9. All I got to say is use those sooner rather than later, as flight credits do expire after a certain time (I'm pretty sure around a year but check with the airline). Italy is awesome though, highly recommend.

  10. GET AC! In many of those locations the price difference will be minimal, anyway.

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