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  1. Didn’t say G1. I said the Bumblebee movie Optimus. I prefer Bumblebee movie Optimus over the original bay one.

  2. Okay well, has to be taste. I would never agree with you

  3. Personally I’ve been lagging a ton this season which has caused me to play terribly, I feel bad for my tm8s cause the lag makes it impossible for me to hit the ball 😭

  4. Idk, of you know youll lag, then dont go into ranked maybe?

  5. Yeah but normally it does not happen for me😂 Especially not that hard. And it makes no fun if I get mates which play like my grandma. No way I can get fun out of that

  6. Well, someone who doesnt get hurt and cant die against someone who wont get hit.

  7. Playing multitasker with MPs/Minigun/Rocket Launcher.

  8. Because of everything. Can stand in the middle afk nothing gets to me. Combo out of the 12 weapons, attackspeed, dmg and so on

  9. GC in 2s and now Champ1 everywhere else just for the looks.

  10. Worst game I've ever played. It was painful, made me sad. The gameplay that is not the story. Didn't get to appreciate that, the gameplay was so utterly horrible

  11. Its worth playing it for the continuity and completionist wise. But best mod the hell out of it, as you'll likely only play it once. Same for witcher 2.

  12. I dont mind the logo, but for sure colored text.

  13. Make a post or comment people will disagree with, stick phone up bottom, notifications make bzz bzz

  14. If you play on pc, use your kbm. No one someone plays it with controller on pc.

  15. Okay so you didn't answer the question

  16. Well, both would eventually die to Baldur.

  17. Well, he died. Probably got into Valhalla, which Im pretty sure got destroyed with Asgard.

  18. Whooo wheels again. Man, they are so boring at Psyonix. Do smth new.

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