1. How’d you do it? Electroplating? (Unlikely lol) painting?

  2. Images like this deserve more love! Great image man love the look

  3. thank you if your wondering what i us its a software colled pixlr

  4. I use blender myself, I’m going to try to post my stuff today or sometime but who knows lol

  5. immediate thought as well. no reply means yup midjourney

  6. So I know this artist (not personally) and the posts they make, all look like AI, definitely probably is AI, but there are some that leave room for question on their other socials. While this is an AI images with rather crude photoshop work I still wonder if there are original pieces of his.

  7. Naw I just enjoy what I do. Y’all fucking judge my old shit and my new stuff too. That’s great, sorry I wanted to have a little fun with my mates and go around shooting each other. That Cursed weapon actually fucking slaps and it’s super nice for a ton of reasons. Y’all can’t just let me enjoy myself can you

  8. That’s gotta be the most stupid thing I saw today

  9. You know what, who gives a fuck? Really. If I want to buy some guns that I can enjoy and have fun with, why does everyone care. Y’all’s issues where Amazon the type of guns I got, hell, even my old YouTube channel made it in here some how. Fuck y’all airsofters. You guys ruined the sport for me. I’m here to play with my friends not get my gear roasted alive.

  10. Ah yes it’s just Chernobyl having a standard steam explosion and what your seeing is definitely not thousands of Kilograms of radiation being released in the sky 😉

  11. Well it depends, on my very first channel ever back in 2013 it took about 8 months. On a shorts channel in 2021 it took about 4 months. On a different shorts channel for testing stuff in 2022, 1 month and right now on my current channel it’s not there lol. My guess depending on your content, 2-12 months. And of course the watch time is actually the hardest

  12. I destroyed mine trying to remove it with a tool, ..is fine I installed a 12 to 14mm ccw adapter and now is suppressed.

  13. It’s all about heat and gentle pressure my good sir…

  14. Just be careful if you put a stronger spring in or make any big upgrades, the plastic between the body pins and the butt block is pretty fragile and I've had a few that have cracked.

  15. This is GBB using propane (or green gas) so I should be alright as long as I keep it maintained

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