Drone footage of a dairy farm

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  1. I was stationed in Japan from 1994-1997. While out to sea, my ship gave us all ballots to be sent in as absentee. We were told a few weeks later our ballots didn't make it back to the States in time to be counted.

  2. Was stationed in WA state same time and mine didn’t count either.

  3. She’s paid to be a Republican yes man. I looked up the legislation she’s “authored” it’s a joke. Public service is not even a consideration in her agenda.

  4. I started a rewatch of X Files on hulu ad supported and switched to freevee for less ads and shorter duration when they do play. I also use Amazon to access freevee. I don’t know if that has any bearing on ad duration or frequency.

  5. STEALSTEALSTEALSTEAL. I was unstoppable at nba2k

  6. No, where did you get that idea from? Christianity has always been about imposing itself on others.

  7. I played it two weeks ago and it is an absolute BRUTE. Beautiful course

  8. No idea how but I actually got away with a par. Hit a decent drive, then 5 wood, then a punched knockdown 3 iron that bounced the green, chipped with an 8 iron, sank the put (for once lol)

  9. Fuck that. Why is it a pump action revolver?

  10. Wait you’re doctors not packing a pump action pistola? Your missing out.

  11. People bought bath water from a woman that made them sick when they drank it. It’s probably a small market but I betcha there’s a market.

  12. If you're talking about Belle Delphine those dudes definitely shouldn't have been drinking bath water lol. It's not like she sold it as a beverage.

  13. My drill Sgt. Mcardle let us watch this movie in basic training. When R. L. Ermy was killed he turned it off and said the hero was dead and we didn’t finish it.

  14. Totally legal. That's why I get spammed few times a week with people wanting to buy my house.

  15. It helped me once. I’d met my neighbor and forgotten his name. So I looked it up and didn’t have an embarrassing moment. Im terrible with names.

  16. They use to give out of 45 record with the Birthday song

  17. Who’s polluting a river with enough meth to addict fish?

  18. Find the book of knowledge and start reading.

  19. Worked as a plumber assistant for three days. First day I was under a house in damp mud. Second day new construction (not bad). Third day I was snaking a toilet and poo water hit me in the lip. I quit right then. Learned to paint houses while I went to college.

  20. Nah. I've seen plenty of shit that's worse than this end up making people obscene amounts of money. Shake Weight and Big Mouth Billy Bass are the standouts.

  21. The corporate greed line is hilarious. As if oil companies have just started to be greedy. Russia provided a lot of oil. US sanctioning Russia. Oil now more expensive. It's really easy. Along with sanctioning Iran and Venezuela, Biden has added Russia. He's a genius at crashing an economy.

  22. Russia supplied about 10% of American oil imports and most of that went to California. That’s why gas is even more expensive there. Since when did 10% = a lot?

  23. Because people who are actually smart know they're morons. Confidence takes great stupidity

  24. Better to let people think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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