The Carlton Tavern [London] was illegally demolished in 2015 by developers who wanted the land. They thought they’d just get a manageable fine but were ordered to rebuild it, exactly as it was, brick by brick. Here it is today - the older bricks are obvious on the right.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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Do you think the top part of a mermaid also tastes like fish or that it would actually be red meat? Would there be a solid line where the meat changes in their body or would it kind of blend? Could you make a surf and turf platter with one carcass?

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As a man, what am I to expect from my partner giving birth? my partner is 8 months pregnant and I just realise I'm not really sure what I will do my end while they go into labour, people who have kids, what's it like, what did you do and how can I help best? many thanks!!

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  1. So happy to see this monstrosity getting wrecked in the comments.

  2. There's a default setting for overnight charging to charge slowly so it's not sitting at 100% for the 6 hours after it reaches full. This makes the battery live longer, and assuming you sleep a relatively normal cycle is essentially identical experience for the user. I don't know if this applies to your comment about slow charging, but I just think it's pretty fucking smart.

  3. This would not be out of place in the London property market. In fact, its quite generously-proportioned for a zone 1 studio...

  4. Nah, DV plates cannot park in handicapped spaces without a handicap placard.

  5. I don't know man, a game that's all desert isn't going to be very interesting. Did you consider making some green and red ones?

  6. My favourite part of this is the "unanswered" tag. We live in hope...

  7. Vote to increase police funding, shortage of workers. Also, saying the reason police need all the heavy vehicles and weapons is because anyone can get them

  8. Not so much that, but the likely hood of bumping into some arsehole that'll hear me talking and then proceed to tell me how they're "Scotch" and start rabbiting on a load of shite about a bunch of Scottish stereotypes they take part in unironically does.

  9. Not at all. I know there are some places in America that would be dangerous, just like there are some places here in the UK, but the people I know who have visited don't come back with horror stories. Sometimes they say things like, "People didn't queue". Given that we're a country almost obsessed with queueing, why would other countries be the same? They mention the differences, often positive. We don't really have a diner culture here, for instance. Not sure why. Everyone seems to like them.

  10. I have no confidence in the idea that having nothing to hide, being polite and compliant means you'll be fine. If you add "be white" to the list, then sure. Otherwise I agree with your general sentiment.

  11. There is no purer form of pedantry than correcting someone on their use of the word. Bravo.

  12. I think the purpose of the sub is to ask Christians questions, and for Christians to answer those questions. If you don't see any benefit in talking about those details, then I'll ask the others.

  13. A most trusted friend and a vigorously shaken bottle of Bolly?

  14. I realize that, but is making a truth-claim through logical implication not making a truth-claim, as an inescapable fact about logic and language?

  15. No, but they both intentionally ran the light. The consequences of that kind of stupid decision are not accidental.

  16. The same thing it means in law, an unavoidable incident with cause but without blame. The American use of “accident” to refer to bad driving is sickening.

  17. That's common usage in the bit of England I'm from. I get that a specialist might prefer precise usage even if it's not standard, but I can't get from there to the idea that it sickens you. Do you really feel nauseous as a result of someone using "accident" to refer to a road collision?

  18. so... this sub is just going to repeat itself until it dies?

  19. I too believe that other people shouldn't be allowed to experience things because I already experienced them.

  20. Or D and W are close together on a keyboard and it's a simple typo rather than a conspiracy.

  21. Another "won't denier" hiding from the facts that are so obvious for all to see. Baa fuckin baaaaaa, man.

  22. Can you tell me why you are so offended that I misunderstood? Better yet, let’s just drop the subject.

  23. I'm not offended. I'm a bit confused why you picked up this old thread to make a point, then when I asked you to clarify you seem surprised that I would do so. It's not offensive as much as it's a bit fuckin weird. Like, what are you trying to achieve?

  24. I feel like I already explained that. Maybe you didn’t like my explanation. There aren’t many new threads on these half abandoned subs to which banned feminists are resigned. I am trying to raise awareness about the mod who is banning the feminists, and I am doing it on the banned feminist sub. As a fellow feminist, I hope you understand why this information is critical and needs to be spread. Your original comment said something about, “as a man and a feminist, I can relate to your frustration.” Relating your frustration with these groups to your gender. I thought it might be interesting to you to realize that the person making these groups so exclusive and uncomfortable is neither a woman nor a feminist. But I hold no issue with your original comment and I hope you can accept that I am getting this information out any way I can. Anyway, these kind of exchanges really spike my blood pressure! It seems self evident to me why someone who cares about feminism would care to let people know this information and strange that I would have to justify sharing. I would like to respectfully ask that we drop the subject. Thanks in advance.

  25. I see, your focus is telling everyone demmian is bonkers (yes), not telling me not to blame women. OK. Good luck.

  26. I think your problem is with jerks, not non-servers. I'm a former dishpit, barman and waiter (also current dipshit, but that's irrelevant right now). I comment here but don't piss people off.

  27. Leopards ate the face of the old white people who voted for this. Which they did, the elderly almost unanimously vote GQP in Florida.

  28. She doesn't need to have. The article is about the general impact...which people in the demographic affected voted for.

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