1. He casually allowed a world ending threat to go free for one. (Tal)

  2. ‘Mediocre CW level actor is a adequate Superman mean to appease fans who wanted Henry Cavill back’

  3. No one said he was supposed to replace Henry Cavill, he’s on TV Henry is on the big screen. We can like both.

  4. I’m surprise Superman and Lois are that low since superman is one of the most popular heroes and season 1 was good.

  5. Television rating decrease overtime, Smallville premiered to over 8 million viewers, Lois and Clark used to get an average of 30 million viewers. Due to the internet and the way people consume media, TV ratings decrease each year. If Superman and Lois came in 2014 it would have gotten 4-5 million viewers for its premiere

  6. He essentially killed Darkseid in JLU and for me that is the definitive Superman.

  7. Nah they’re pretty even, some people probably think season 1 looked better because it was still new and we were still wowed by it. But with season 2, everyone was already used to it

  8. I started watching but life happened and I stopped after about 5 episodes. I've been meaning to hop back in and watch it all, is it good beyond the first season?

  9. If you are referring to Tyler in any of his forms, then definitely. He literally can't handle almost anything on his own, as seems to be standard CW practice for their heroes. I still love S&L though don't get me wrong.

  10. He handles most things on his own, he needs help sometimes from people like Steel same as Superman in the comics.

  11. Please stfu, you guys are so annoying. Go post this on Jake Paul’s Reddit or something cause you definitely aren’t a KSI fan.

  12. I'm starting to hate ksi he talks like jake Paul now one of the reasons why I hate him

  13. 3 centimeters shorter than Henry Cavill is short? 3 cms isn’t the difference between tall and short bro. If Tyler is short then so is Henry.

  14. I believe he said “when teen wolf is coming out?” Referring to the teen wolf movie Tyler just filmed.

  15. Arrowverse looks the best tbh.I do not like the paint brushed muscles.

  16. Looks better than the Fleischer suit? Cavill’s suit has printed/fake abs as well, I don’t get how that tiny detail ruins a whole suit🤷‍♂️ also the arrowverse has they awful cape clips, printed on s, ugly belt and boots. It’s only good quality is probably the color of the symbol imo

  17. Tyler's new suit is a definite improvement, the fake abs just look silly though.

  18. I think with snyders stuff the aesthetics are great but I never see any soul in them. to much of a edgelord, it reminds me of frank millers stuff.

  19. Cant they just go back to the Supergirl suit? The muscle print and everything looking like it's made from the same fabric is giving cosplayer OnlyFans quality.

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